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Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Assess employee potential to identify, develop, and retain people needed to build a talent pipeline for critical roles.

Org chart for succession planning

Get quick visibility into talent gaps, including key indicators such as risk of loss, impact of loss, and bench strength.

Talent search

Uncover hidden talent through company-wide searches that leverage comprehensive employee talent profiles.

Talent pools

Obtain a dynamic view into pool membership and simplify administration and management of talent pools. 


Present and share live talent information to more easily engage in strategic succession planning and talent pipeline conversations.

Employee and Career Development Planning

Empower employees to take control over their own career development planning and career path.

Continuous employee development

Provide ongoing coaching and feedback to help ensure that employees are focused on the right development activities.


Match employee mentors and mentees automatically, providing a simple yet powerful way to accelerate employee development.

Career worksheet

Help employees explore career paths, assess readiness, and address gaps with targeted career development plans.

Talent Reviews and Calibration Tools

Help ensure fair and objective assessments for the purpose of identifying the right future leaders. 

Dynamic drag-and-drop calibration tools

Assess employee performance and potential and identify top (and bottom) performers using a configurable nine-box grid.

Photo-less calibration tools

Reduce unconscious bias within performance-rating processes.

Analytics and reporting

Measure the effectiveness of succession planning and its impact on business outcomes.

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