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SAP Intelligent Notification 365


SAP Intelligent Notification 365

Enterprises can revitalize their consumer or business engagement to orchestrate the delivery of critical and non-critical notifications across channels. SAP Intelligent Notification 365 improves reach, conversion, and campaign effectiveness using e-mail, SMS and real-time push notification to better connect with customers. This cloud-based mobile service uses an intelligence engine to engage users via the right channel, smoothly integrating into an enterprise mobile strategy.

Why SAP for intelligent notification?

Only SAP provides a single API interface for enterprises to implement secure multi-channel engagement strategies across email, real-time push and SMS.

  • Automatically select and route notifications through the most relevant channel using multiple escalation rules sets defined for specific critical and noncritical uses cases
  • Support delivery and read acknowledgments and other critical metrics
  • Leverages high quality global SMS and push notification delivery backbone
  • Optimized channel management improve efficiency, help control costs, and increase customer engagement, conversion, and satisfaction

Watch the demo - an authentication use case using push with failover to SMS

Functional Capabilities

Email API for Enterprises

Avail a best-in-class email service

  • Intuitive-to-use RESTful JSON API for both transactional and marketing notifications
  • Pre-validated integration with SAP Engagement 365 mobile service, SAP Marketing Cloud solution, SAP Authentication 365, and other mobile and enterprise platforms
  • 24x7 global support
  • Regional e-mail processing setup compliant with European Economic Area Data Protection Directive
  • Managed service that includes monitoring of sender scores and ISP engagement

Support standard outbound e-mail parameters

  • Notification parameters include date, sender address, single or multiple recipients, reply-to address, e-mail subject, content type, and message body  

Monitor success metrics for improved campaign ROI

  • APIs track hard and soft bounces, click-through, and open rates to enable consuming marketing applications to refine distribution lists for enhanced reach, response, and effectiveness
Real-time Push API for Enterprises

Simplified integration with mobile infrastructure

  • Uses a common HTTPS application and single programming interface (API) for multichannel notification for critical and noncritical use cases 
  • Pre-validated integration with SAP Engagement 365 mobile service, SAP Marketing Cloud solution, SAP Authentication 365, and other mobile and enterprise platforms

Single, simple interface helps standardize and scale escalated and workflow notifications

  • Secure and validate transactions and users with two-factor authentication

Deliver one-to-one digital campaigns and offers

  • Send timely reminders and alerts to improve productivity and efficiency

Intelligence engine with multiple escalation rules sets

  • Automatically escalate and route notifications through the appropriate channel defined for specific use cases

Monitor success metrics for improved campaign ROI

  • Receive notification reporting and analysis using a customer-specific portal for quick and easy access

Lower the latency of global notification delivery 

  • Notifications delivered globally within 1 second on average

Technical Capabilities

Email API for Enterprises

Enhanced e-mail deliverability through the e-mail authentication methods Domain-Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

  • Subdomain validations
  • Support for dynamic sender and “reply-to” address per e-mail notification request
  • Support for custom “from” tags
  • Support for Dedicated IPs
Real-time push API for Enterprises

Optimizing two-factor authentication

  • One-time passcodes (OTP) are the most common method for two-factor authentication. OTPs are used for first-time registration, users logging in from an unknown device, and specific requests such as fund transfers 
  • SAP Intelligent Notification 365 addresses OTP issues with a real-time service and the ability to switch over to SMS whenever needed

Real-time WebSocket-based push notification

  • Integrates native push to publish or subscribe on any channel and provides tracking engagement history

Integrated JSON multichannel API

  • Incorporates marketing and transactional messages into event notification frameworks within enterprise applications

State-of-the-art intelligence engine

  • Uses simple escalation and failover rules for campaign, critical, and emergency notifications and automatically selects the best delivery channel 

Purchasing Options

The modular structure of SAP software licenses allows you to license and pay for only the functionality and number of users that you require at any given time. Start with the packages and named user licenses your organization needs right now, and add more users and functionality as your needs evolve. 

  • Pricing is simple and based on e-mail or push active device tiers
  • Value-added services are available for an additional charge

Please contact your local SAP account executive for purchasing options.

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For general licensing information, consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers.

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Training and Certification

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