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Manage your workforce to improve capabilities and grow your business

Simplify human resource (HR) processes to drive better business results. Find the right talent, develop future leaders, and engage all employees with automated, transparent processes, and a digital HR experience.

Solve your specific HR needs

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Investing in people

Give employees a single, globally consistent platform for talent management, learning, recruiting, onboarding, social collaboration, rewards, and HR analytics.

Get measurable results with our talent management suite

Simplify talent management to help HR professionals to proactively act, easily measure, and clearly communicate talent results and business impact.

Change the game with our HR broadcast series

Listen to our live and on-demand radio broadcasts. Learn from our experts as they discuss various HR topics.

Get the facts

less employee turnover with company-wide visibility of workforce availability and gaps.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

more revenue per a worker for firms that can analyze workforce data to optimize strategies.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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Connecting football clubs across the globe

City Football Group is keeping its people connected through shared ideas, news, and content as well as simplifying HR tasks to drive employee success. 

46% faster hiring

Jaguar Land Rover is offering first-class HR services and sourcing the talent they need to stay on the cutting edge of quality and innovation.

$1.2 million saved each year in operational costs

Mohawk Industries is making smarter decisions about employee lifecycles by creating a unified view of their most important asset—their people.

Embrace strong leadership to compete in the digital economy

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Find out which areas your organization should focus on to effectively lead this new world of digital work. Read the findings of Oxford Economics’ “Leaders 2020” study.

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