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Laptop displaying SAP Single Sign-on

SAP Single Sign-On

Enhance the user experience, strengthen security, and streamline administration with simple and secure user authentication.

Give users simple and secure access to business applications

Allow users to log in once to gain secure access to all the software they require throughout the day with no need to log in again.


Offer your users a better experience, secure your data, lower help desk costs, and implement reliable, efficient encryption for all communication between client and server systems by using the SAP Single Sign-On application.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Simple and secure user access
  • Secure data communication
  • Advanced security capabilities

Key Benefits

Increase user productivity

Simplify your users’ everyday work and boost employee productivity by eliminating the need to perform separate log in procedures for each business application.

Profit from cost efficiency

Lower your help desk costs with significantly fewer calls for recovering passwords and unlocking accounts.

Enable greater security

Implement powerful security measures for your business-critical applications by using risk-based and two-factor authentication.

Key Capabilities

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Simple and secure access

  • Support single sign-on for SAP desktop clients, such as SAP GUI, and Web applications
  • Reuse existing infrastructure, such as Microsoft Active Directory, hardware security tokens, or smart cards
  • Benefit from simple software rollout, configuration, and operations

Various authentication technologies

  • Achieve fast implementation by means of Kerberos technology based on the corporate Windows domain
  • Provide single sign-on in a heterogeneous environment by using X.509 certificates
  • Use identity federation for cross-company scenarios with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) technology

Advanced security capabilities

  • Implement two-factor and risk-based authentication for critical systems and to secure access from outside the company
  • Use authentication with smart cards or radio-frequency identification (RFID) tokens
  • Profit from simplified lifecycle management of server-side certificates

Technical Information

This product is deployed on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios.

Installation and setup

Follow the setup instructions so you can start running your SAP software quickly and confidently.


Optimize configuration of SAP Single Sign-On with our comprehensive configuration guide.


Find out how you can seamlessly integrate SAP Single Sign-On with your existing IT landscape.

Get Started

Jump-start your implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.


Transform your business quickly and effectively by taking advantage of our holistic service and support plans, expert consulting services, custom application development, proven best practices, and deep industry and technical knowledge.


Help keep your SAP solutions running at peak performance with our IT experts and support services, including long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology support, self-service portal, and innovation strategies.

Security and compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, while keeping your data safe and reliable. SAP takes a proactive, predictive approach to maintaining compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

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