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SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises

Embed sustainable practices into the core of your business strategy and operations.

Deliver on the triple bottom line of sustainability

SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises enables you to holistically measure, manage, and optimize your sustainability performance by integrating data and processes that enable you to manage people, planet, and profit. 


SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises allows you to drive sustainability in-line with your profitable targets:

  • Run automated sustainability reporting, integrated in your business processes
  • Achieve zero emissions on the corporate and product level
  • Reduce to zero waste by engaging in circular business models
  • Drive ethical business across employees, suppliers, and communities 

Learn how Coldplay is using SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises for their next world tour – helping concert-goers make more sustainable, environmentally-friendly travel choices.

What is sustainability in a business?

In business, sustainability refers to doing business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society as a whole. SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises enables customers to pick and choose from solutions and services that address their sustainability challenges and business opportunities. 

Build sustainable products, services, and business models

Create new products, services, and business models with a holistic view into your data, processes, industry drivers, differentiators, and regulations.

Drive environmental and social impact

Assess and reduce your carbon footprint, innovate and adopt a circular business model, reduce waste, increase reuse, and drive social responsibility across your supply chain.

Comply with global and local regulations

Deepen financial and nonfinancial visibility to proactively handle regulations, taxation, and sanctions and create integrated, auditable, and real-time reporting.

Closing the green gap

How network effects impact corporate sustainability by Oxford Economics

SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises

SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises is a comprehensive single cloud offering that is tailored to your needs and can be extended anytime with industry cloud solutions from SAP and partners.

Sustainability and ESG Reporting and Steering

  • Integrate and automate reporting and sustainable performance management
  • Secure your supply chain risk and reputation across environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics
  • Oversee your environmental footprint

Climate Change and Zero Emissions

  • Manage your corporate and product footprints by using data from external and internal sources
  • Shift to e-mobility and sustainable travel
  • Control your footprint along the supply chain

Circular Economy and Zero Waste

  • Manage extended producer responsibility
  • Recover, re-use, and trace materials
  • Prove your product compliance

Social Responsibility and Zero Inequality

  • Take care of employee safety, health, and operational risk
  • Drive ethical business operations and safeguard human rights along the supply chain
  • Foster a more diverse and inclusive business culture

SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises

See for yourself how SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises can help you become a sustainable business.

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