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Consolidate IT infrastructure with high-end application server software

Establish reliable IT foundations with application server software proven in thousands of mission-critical installations worldwide. Develop efficient business processes with flexible deployment options of Web service technologies in a scalable, secure infrastructure. Ensure availability and integrity of processes across applications.

  • Support HTTPS, Secure Sockets Layer, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol security standards
  • Provide persistence layer support for platform-independent Web services and business applications
  • Support Java EE, ABAP, and open-technology platforms for hardware, operating systems and databases
  • Integrate deployment to run applications and manage versions using local file and central storage
  • Enable scalable, high-performing processes via business-driven caching and dispatching techniques
  • Provide software logistics and continuous life-cycle management and transport services support

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ABAP Development

Become part of the go-to resource about the ABAP programming language and its integrated development environment, used for creating large-scale business applications.

 Join the ABAP community, with over 4,5 million registered developers

Standards Support: Share Processes with Suppliers, Customers, Partners, and Employees

Integrate people, information, and processes, while reducing IT costs, with high-quality standards support from SAP for all your business ecosystem software.

  • Access Java technology and enterprise Web services syntax and standards
  • Support open standards and interoperability with an integrated application platform
  • Bolster security mechanisms for data integrity, protection, and confidentiality
  • Support global business and legal requirements and disability accessibility rights
  • Gain Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere interoperability, openness, and extensibility

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