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Flexso Belux: Core S/4 Conversion Factory Package

Flexso Belux


Prins Boudewijnlaan 24a

2550 Kontich



Flexso provides peace-of-mind to all customers facing an S/4 conversion. By industrializing our broad experience in multiple S/4 conversions, we are able to offer an S/4 Conversion Factory to the market. This package allows for a smooth transition, through predefined steps and quality gates, enabling customers to fully enjoy S/4 capabilities

About SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions

SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions are built, sold, and supported by an SAP partner. An SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution is an integrated solution that leverages market-leading SAP software and innovations, together with an SAP partner’s intellectual property, to deliver low-risk, predictable projects at attractive price points – for a rapid time to value.

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