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Create a Destination for the SAP Gateway Demo System

By Jim Jaquet

Create a destination for the SAP Gateway Demo system in the SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity service.


You will learn

  • How to configure a basic destination
  • What some of the Web IDE specific properties are
  • How to specify the Web IDE usage parameter for a Gateway based OData service

If you’ve also completed the tutorial Create a destination for the Northwind OData services you’ll find this one similar, but for another type of OData server endpoint. This time, the endpoint is the SAP Gateway Demo server you may have already signed up for access to in the tutorial Create an account on the Gateway Demo system.

The SAP Gateway Demo system contains a set of EPM OData services, including the one you may have already explored by hand in the tutorial Continue your OData exploration with EPM.

The current incarnation of the SAP Gateway Demo server is known as ES5.

Destinations are key building blocks in the SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity service, and are used to define connections for outbound communication from your application to remote systems. These remote systems can be on-premises or in the cloud.

A destination has a name, a URL, authentication details, and some other configuration details.

Step 1: Log into SAP Cloud Platform

Log into your trial account on the SAP Cloud Platform by opening the following URL in a new tab:

Select the Neo Trial tile to open the cockpit for the Neo environment.

Click on Neo Trial
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Step 2: Create new destination

In the left-hand navigation bar, open up Connectivity > Destinations, and then select New Destination.

open destinations
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Step 3: Confirm data

Enter the field values as listed below:

Field Name Value
Name SAP_Gateway
Description SAP Gateway ES5
Proxy Type Internet
Authentication BasicAuthentication
User Your ES5 Gateway user (e.g. p123456789)
Password Your ES5 Gateway password

Leave the Use default JDK truststore checked.

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Step 4: Add properties and save

Add the following Additional Properties fields by clicking on the New Property button once for each property.

Field Name Value
WebIDEEnabled true
WebIDESystem gateway
WebIDEUsage odata_abap
creating destination

Values for the WebIDEUsage property determine how the SAP Web IDE interprets the destination definition and presents it to you for connection and consumption. The value odata_abap signifies that the destination represents an SAP Gateway system hosting OData services, and that provides a special catalog service for finding and selecting available OData services. OData services from this destination are to be selected via the Service Catalog data connection source in the SAP Web IDE New Project wizard.
Find out more about the possible values for the WebIDEUsage property in the SAP Help Portal, in the Connect to ABAP Systems section.

When you’re done, finish by saving the destination with Save.

What is the value of the Web IDE Usage parameter you specified?

Updated 09/14/2018

Time to Complete

5 Min.

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