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Intelligent Technologies

This track focuses on our portfolio of tools and intelligent technologies, such as data intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the IoT, and blockchain. Learn how these technologies can help you optimize business processes, enable informed decision-making through data-driven insights, and promote innovation in every area of your business. Learn more about SAP's goal to continue to create software and services that enhance the impact of these technologies, while addressing the fundamental impact on your environments and workforce.


  • Create your own intelligent applications: Build your own intelligent applications using the SAP Data Intelligence solution to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across your enterprise. Find out how to discover, refine, govern, orchestrate, and scale efforts in getting intelligence out of your data assets using Python, the R programming language, or TensorFlow.
  • Derive business-relevant data with the IoT: Connect with a multitude of devices to derive business-relevant data leveraging the Internet of Things. Discover how to build applications with templates tailored for the IoT and how to act on IoT data by connecting it to business processes.
  • Automate and optimize business processes: Automate and optimize business processes with SAP AI Business Services. Find out more about relevant machine learning models for consumption and how to enable your developers to use machine learning services without any data science know-how. Learn how to extract and process structured and unstructured data.
  • Design and orchestrate software robots: Design and orchestrate software robots with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services to automate and optimize the manual work necessary to run the day-to-day operations of your business. Learn more about attended and unattended scenarios and various use cases from finance, procurement, and human resources.
  • Establish powerful conversational agents: Learn how to build powerful conversational agents in a heartbeat with SAP Conversational AI services, which enable human-to-machine interactions using a human conversation. Explore how to train, build, connect, and monitor developed conversational scenarios that run embedded and extended with SAP solutions.
  • Simplify multiparty processes using blockchain: Simplify multiparty processes to increase trust among participants with SAP Blockchain Business Services. Learn more about the next generation cloud offering to enable enterprise blockchain implementations in a scalable, interoperable, and flexible way.
  • Future-proof businesses through transformative innovations: Discover how the New Ventures and Technologies team develops software to future-proof SAP solutions and your business. Find out more about the technology trends on the horizon and how SAP drives organic innovation.
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