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Customer Experience

Our new customer experience strategy aims at revamping the entire SAP Customer Experience portfolio to help businesses enter the era of customer freedom. The soon-to-be-announced product lineup with new capabilities in every customer experience product area will trigger a tremendous shift in the way you view and manage customer data and profiles, as well as your front office. Find out how the new customer experience strategy applies to your business and explore our customer experience products.


  • The era of customer freedom: Learn about our take on ever-changing customer dynamics and how you can leverage this to your advantage by putting the customer in the very center of every single engagement – from sales and service, to handling customer data, to extending apps to best fit your customers' needs.
  • Understanding commerce for a competitive edge: Explore SAP's new cloud-native commerce portfolio and learn how having a state-of-the-art commerce offering can help you sell to your customers more directly – even in times of crisis.
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