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cNOW, taste the future

Steenhuffel, België
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cNOW is an Ctac event that takes place at PALM Brewery. We kick off at 13h30 with a plenary session, followed by various breakout sessions. The participants select the track that seems the most interesting them.

The tracks to choose from (each track will be spiced up with trends, Ctac's vision and customer cases): 

  • Customer engagement: Your customer is in the driver’s seat. How do you exceed customers’ expectations and leapfrog the competition?
  • Efficient Supply Chain: The demand-driven world asks for new competencies. The key players: Connected Supply Chain, Warehouse management and Logistics.
  • Office of the CFO: Stability in a hectic environment: fast closing, connecting data and regulatory reporting.
  • Business integration: To cloud or not to cloud? And what about integration
  • Digital transformation:
    How can Design Thinking boost your digital journey? Join interactive workshop.
    Dive deep into Mendix. Meet the expert.
    Maximising your digital growth with SAP Analytics Cloud. Participate in a hands on exercise.

Keynote speaker

As a human being we live in the illusion that we take rational decisions and are in control of our behaviour. But neuroscience proofs otherwise. Dr. Roeland Dietvorst will show us what goes on in the unconscious mind of a consumer. What roles do emotion and intuition play in this? And how can you consciously measure and steer that data? 

We will end the day at 18h with beer tasting and food pairing so no one goes home hungry or thirsty.

Evenementcategorie Partnerevenement
Type evenement Persoonlijk
Taal Engels
Branche Lucht-/ruimtevaart en defensie », Automotive, Chemische industrie, Consumentenproducten, Bouw en installatie, Gezondheidszorg, Hightech, Industriële machines en componenten, Verzekeringen, Media, Grondstoffen, Mijnbouw, Olie en gas, Zakelijke dienstverlening, Retail, Sport en entertainment, Telecom, Reizen en transport, Nutssector, Groothandel en distributie
Spreker(s) Keynote speaker: Dr. Roeland Dietvorst studied biological and cognitive psychology and is co-founder at Alpha.One, a consumer neuroscience research and strategy firm, that uses insights and techniques adopted from neuroscience to help good companies make better decisions. Moderator: Adam Fields International stand up comedian
Telefoonnummer 00 32 (0)3 354 0979
Locatie Palm Brewery
Steenhuffeldorp 3,
1840 Steenhuffel, België
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