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Platform is our DNA! What’s yours?

Do you consider yourself a cloud-native? Do you fancy container technology and are all in when it comes to microservice architecture? High Performance Computing and Big Data in virtualized environments just give you that little something extra? Leave your footprint by creating amazing software, join the SAP Cloud Platform team.

It's you who creates your future. Make it a good one – at SAP.


SAP Cloud Platform is THE cloud platform based on open standards and open source components. It includes a comprehensive set of services for integration, machine learning, enterprise mobility, collaboration and analytics. From a technology point of view, it goes all the way up from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Software as a Service (Saas). At the lower end, the IaaS layer, our computing infrastructure and virtualization is managed by the OpenStack framework. Moving up to the PaaS layer, container orchestration engines such as Kubernetes and CloudFoundry take care of the application platform side. Business services as well as software services for Analytics, Integration, and Internet of Things (IoT) are parts of a big SaaS layer offering.

SAP Cloud Platform follows a multi-cloud approach as a unique differentiator. Through our partnerships with the leading hyperscale providers we can benefit from their scale and functionality while adapting our offering according to customer business needs. We are now extending our partnership to China to further increase these benefits.

As part of our international team in different locations, you will strive to help the SAP Cloud Platform succeed by building a reliable, scalable, extensible and secure infrastructure. You will work on topics such as: orchestration services for managing VMs, infrastructure and tools for installing services on SAP Cloud Platform, deploying and controlling the application lifecycle. Join our ambitious team and leverage open standards. Get access to the latest technology trends and work with a variety of programming languages such as Java, Node.js, Python, Go, Ruby and more.


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How we work  

Open Source

We don’t develop everything ourselves. When the open source community already has a solution that fits our needs, we simply use it. If we think, we can enhance it, we simply do it and contribute it back.




We operate and engineer our software in our own data centers on top of OpenStack and on existing IaaS layers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. This allows us to have quick innovation cycles. We get immediate feedback on what we’ve developed so we can continuously improve our offerings.


We use open standards. Our Cloud offering is based on Cloud Foundry and thus is an open and non-SAP proprietary platform. By using an open standard, our customers and developers get up to speed quickly. We are part of the Cloud Foundry community and together with the community we further enhance the platform.


SAP is known for its business software, but in SAP Cloud Platform, we do technology. VM technology like SAP JVM, containerization like Kubernetes, compiler infrastructure like LLVM  and processor-dependent machine language are just a few examples of our technology portfolio.


Early talents design their future at SAP

What is it like to work for SAP's Products & Innovation group, the largest at SAP and the one responsible for delivering SAP's technologies and products? Find out from Inbal Sabag, one of our product owners!
Kathrin Kapp's blog: Working Time Flexibility – Win-Win for Employee and Employer

Meet the team

Our story

The early days
  • In 2009 a small group of people met at SAP to discuss the concept of a lightweight/lean Java server powering a platform-as-a-service offering. This small team started to set the tracks for an external roll-out to help spread the word among the developer community. The platform is all about adoption and scale. It was an ambitious project and still is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on such cutting edge game changing technology.
  • In May of 2012, we launched the SAP Cloud Platform Developer Center within the SAP Community Network and the very first blog announced the go-live of the platform (being called SAP NetWeaver Cloud at the time): SAP NetWeaver Cloud – We’re open!
    The early days were all about pushing the first wave of adoption among community influencers and bloggers. The first push is always the hardest and hence we’ve been focusing on engaging with thought leaders & multipliers. We shared our vision for the road forward including how-to gain adoption and stating the platform’s unique selling proposition.
  • In 2013, took the first step towards explicitly calling out main usage scenarios for the platform: build & extend.
Today and beyond

Today, the SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform as-a-service that provides unique in-memory database and application services. We also created the blue-print based on open-source frameworks and drove the creation of the first ever openSAP course on SAP Cloud Platform. The combination of free developer edition plus free educational courses helped it become the most important channel to onboard developers to the platform. And the platform kept evolving and the number of services continue to grow rapidly. Most importantly, SAP joined the OpenStack and the Cloud Foundry Foundation, settling the tracks towards a multi-cloud strategy.

SAP Cloud Platform  is THE proven cloud platform that enables users to rapidly develop new applications or extend existing ones. Enabling anyone to extend SAP applications in minutes, all in the cloud.

Popular features include:

  • Analytics: embed advanced analytics into user solutions and gain real-time insight
  • Integration: securely integrate users cloud and on premise applications
  • IoT: quickly develop, deploy and manage real-time IoT applications
  • Security: Tightly manage and monitor user access and security services

We continue to execute on integrating Cloud Foundry into the platform and launched a public BETA this past summer. And we have even bigger plans for 2017. A continuation of our broader vision as well as multi-cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, and more.


Matthias Steiner's blog: SAP Cloud Platform – The big picture
"Technology a boy’s club? Not in our organization! Our female colleagues will for sure impress you. We strongly believe in gender diverse teams and embrace the advantages they bring to our company. We can see how diversity helps driving cutting-edge innovation."
Bjoern Goerke
SAP CTO and President SAP Cloud Platform

Women at SAP

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All about getting started

Learn how SAP's open platform as a service supports development of modern cloud business apps. Get to know main capabilities, features and available services, start a trial, explore resources and join the community.

Inspiring success stories

See how companies like TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, BOSCH, Merck Group and many more are using SAP Cloud Platform to extend, integrate, and build new applications in the cloud to meet agile business requirements faster than ever with the trust that comes from an SAP solution.

See what the SAP Cloud Platform community is saying

Shape the future of SAP's Cloud Platform

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