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SAP Student Training and Rotation Program

Dream. Develop. Deliver.

Prepare for an exciting, fast-paced career at SAP before you graduate. Develop technical, business, and personal skills and gain real-world industry experience.


A best-run internship experience

The SAP Student Training and Rotation (SAP STAR) program is unlike any other. It is a paid, multi-year, rotational training program designed to help university students jumpstart their career and dive into real-world project work. As an SAP STAR program intern you will have the opportunity to rotate into multiple teams while receiving on-the-job training and structured development and coaching from some of the top leaders in technology. Join us and approximately 1,000 other students in 11 different countries around the globe as we work to build a brighter future.

535 New hires globally in 2019

What's in it for you?

  • Gain real-world experience in one of the world’s top software companies
  • Get exposure to the most cutting-edge technologies in the world
  • Seek opportunities to travel domestically or internationally
  • Get the opportunity to secure full-time employment before graduating
  • Receive structured training in soft skills, business acumen, and technical skills, paired with coaching, and mentoring
  • Save with discounts and free attributes like gym, dining hall, and customer products
Have we convinced you already? Contact us to apply today!

So, how does it work?

In this multi-year internship; once you start as a STAR intern, you’ll stay with SAP in STAR until you graduate from university. With this model, you get to work in many different teams, otherwise known as rotations, so you can try multiple roles to get a taste of what you like.



In your first rotation, you’ll work in a technical role, which will include coding. This will help you build the foundations of technical experience that correlate with future success at SAP.

Jarod Durkin
STAR Intern

SAP gives so many different opportunities for your own professional and technical growth. From trainings on the latest technology to experiential learning, the SAP STAR Program allows us to develop software professionally, while still being flexible about what we want to learn. It’s a great experience to work on software that you can personally see the impact!

First Rotation: Software Developer – Production Management Portals/Cloud Enablement

For your second rotation, you get to decide which team you want to join. The choices are endless; you can choose any team in SAP, whether they are technical or not. Past students have joined teams in development, sales, and even finance.

Kevin Li
STAR Intern

For my second rotation, the STAR program allowed me to choose a team that met my needs. Being my first internship program, STAR has truly solidified my path on becoming a software engineer. The meaningful work I have done along with coworkers have provided me with invaluable experiences. I always wanted to work more with customers while continuing as a developer.

Second rotation: Software Engineer Intern – Center of Excellence Technology and Performance

STAR interns can also apply for an international rotation abroad. This rotation would occur when you are on break from your studies. Should you be selected, you can choose any team in any of the 78 countries we operate around the globe.

Nadia Said
STAR Alumni and SAP Associate Support Engineer

My abroad experience was the highlight of my time in the SAP STAR program. As an avid traveler, I had always wanted a work abroad experience that allowed me to live some place new and experience a different culture. I was able to fly to Berlin, Germany and work out of the SAP Berlin office in the summer of 2019. I did functional business analysis of SAP Sales data and learned so much about the business side of SAP. I was able to network with colleagues from all over the world and learn the working culture of a European city. It was such a rewarding experience, one that took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see 8 countries in one summer!

International rotation: Sales Operations

Leading up to graduation, you can decide whether or not you want to stay with SAP for a full-time job. The majority of our students decide to stay with SAP. If you decide the same, we help you find and apply to full-time work at SAP with one-on-one consultations and coaching.

Helen Hua
STAR Alumni and Application Developer, IT Web Engineering and Development

I had the opportunity to be a member of four different teams, learn about their roles within SAP, and even work aboard all because of the SAP STAR program. The experiences helped me narrow down what type of work I enjoyed doing and it helped me land a full-time position in one of my previous departments! I can definitely say that the program truly invests in its students and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

SAP STAR program spotlight

June Huynh
STAR Manager

During their rotations, these young talents in the STAR program have an opportunity to learn the latest technologies SAP has to offer – in addition to receiving training, development and mentorship within SAP’s global organization.

Giovanna Shelton-Bailey
STAR Alumni and Immersive Experience Lead – Innovation Experience Team

Being in the SAP STAR program gives you a head start in your career. At SAP, the opportunities are endless and new ideas are encouraged. No matter what your role or title is, you are always taken seriously. It is amazing to see the impact that your work has on such a large company!

Kenny Meier
STAR Intern, Software Developer, Center of Excellence Technology and Performance

The STAR program is such an amazing opportunity to develop my skills in a professional environment. The program allows us to work with so many talented employees and learn from their experiences. The most valuable part to me is the ability to work with multiple teams within SAP so that we can explore different skill areas, projects, and team dynamics.

Caroline Shafer
STAR intern, Software Developer, Solution Delivery Center Technology Team

The STAR program has been the most unique experience I've had in the industry and as a software engineering student in general. There have been numerous opportunities to get involved within the STAR program and SAP outside of my rotational work. Not only are there multiple opportunities to grow as an employee, but I've really felt like my voice has mattered to my team and that everyone in the program is looking to see me succeed.

Shakthi Panneer
STAR Alumni, Development associate consultant – UI/UX mobility

Within the SAP STAR program, I have been able to garner many skills and participate in various roles including technical, business, and leadership roles. I was even given the opportunity to do a rotation in Silicon Valley and work with some of the newest technologies in the industry. The connections and networks I have made and continue to make in the program are invaluable. SAP provides me with a nurturing environment where I can learn and grow in many ways. This is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Thinking about joining the SAP STAR program?

What do we look for in a candidate?

Students eligible to apply should be:

  • Currently enrolled in college or university
  • Located near our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA office or Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA office year-round
  • Enrolled as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) major
  • Able to work part-time during academic semesters and full-time during
    non-academic semesters (for undergraduates). Graduate students should be able to work full-time for one calendar year.

Are you ready for the next step?

To apply, contact us and tell us in which location you would like to work (Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) or apply through your university’s job board.

As soon as we have your application, you will receive an e-mail asking you to complete an online technical assessment.

There are two rounds of interviews. They may be on campus, at our office, or over the phone.

If you received an offer, congrats! Welcome to SAP. Your recruiter will work with you on all the details.



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