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Imagine a platform on the cloud where buyers and suppliers are able to transact, make better sourcing decisions or exchange purchase orders and invoices. In a dynamic, digital marketplace, customers can cut cost, reduce risk and automate invoice capture, workflow and approval.

Ariba – a game changer in the procurement industry

Work for a company that is changing the nature of business

As business moves faster and faster, more spending is happening across more channels using more payment methods than ever before. Companies are demanding more from the organizations they buy from and work with. They want more speed, better quality, the best experience, and full transparency. With SAP Ariba spend management solutions, organizations are well equipped to respond to today’s global challenges by digitalizing their source-to-pay process.



Your career at SAP Ariba is what you make of it

You can forge your own path, switch business units, or solve a new problem no one has addressed before. Where do you want to start?

The Customer Engagement Team is responsible for a large portfolio of SAP Procurement customers throughout the EMEA/MEE region and formally takes over the customer relationship from our Sales organization after contract signature. Next to actions related to onboarding, adoption, and consumption, the Customer Engagement Team is the main point of contact for the customer and assists in a wide array of topics such as Commercials, Privacy & Security, Customer Support and many others.

The essence of being successful as a Customer Engagement Executive lies in putting the customer needs first. You need to be outcome driven, have experience within SAP and understand the commercial context of the Procurement solution set. Having a good network is vital while having a background in Procurement operations and strategic customer initiatives can be a game changer. Soft skills such as negotiation, active listening, and communication skills are crucial. A growth mindset and a positive attitude should build the base of your success.

As a Customer Engagement Executive, you will be exposed to the entire organization as your role is so crucial for customer success. You will learn how to help a customer on their onboarding and adoption journey.

Our ultimate goal is to become a partner to our customers assisting them in realizing value through SAP Procurement solutions by increasing adoption and consumption.

SAP Ariba Deployment Leads play a key role in assisting our customers with the design and deployment of SAP Ariba Solutions. Our Deployment Leads have more than the technical know-how. They are strategic business partners fully vested in the organizational success, who are able to deal with the inevitable project setbacks. Combined with the necessary technical skills, and ability to adapt to the constantly changing dynamics of a project as well as our product, they determine the overall success of every customer.

As the technology develops faster and faster, the success lies in keeping up with these innovations and being able to link them to customer business processes and outcomes. Our ideal candidate has experience in procurement and/or IT, has very good communication and presentation skills, is customer focused, and has a curious mindset with willingness to learn.

As a deployment lead, you will get countless opportunities to learn and grow. You will develop your knowledge of SAP products and procurement business processes, you will learn how to handle difficult conversations, how to effectively communicate with external stakeholders, and how to successfully safeguard our customer’s outcomes and become their true business partners. 

Our ultimate goal is to help our customers realize value through deploying their SAP Procurement solutions.

The consultants in Procurement Technology Services are experts on the seamless integration of SAP Procurement solutions into a customer’s business. Consultants in Procurement Technology Services provide technical and functional support as customers grow their knowledgebase of SAP Procurement tools and technology.

As part of our team you will gain expertise in technical matters and in that way,  become a trusted advisor to the customer. You need to be outcome driven, passionate about technical topics and integrations, and have an experience in SAP procurement solutions, ERP included. Negotiation skills, active listening and communication skills are vital for your success.

You will be exposed to multiple industries, customers, and partners. You will deepen your expertise on integration topics that is very valuable as integration of solutions and inter-operability is the ultimate vision of SAP.

The ultimate goal is to be the technical expert in SAP Procurement solutions and a trusted advisor to the customer.

The Business Process Consultants are experts on Sourcing, Procurement, and Business Commerce Processes. They design and advise customers on how to set up their Ariba solutions in the best possible way while following customer’s business processes. Consultants usually work on-site to ensure immediate proximity to the customer when it’s needed the most.

Critical for this role are exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills. Proactive attitude and leader’s mindset to drive customers towards their set goals.

You will collaborate with the top companies of the world. You will gain a consulting experience which is very unique from any other expert role and you will deepen your knowledge of SAP Ariba solutions.

The ultimate goal is to guide customers through their implementation process and help them to make the right decisions.

In the Network Adoption Services we prepare, plan and execute on supplier enablement strategies. We provide best practices, guidance and support to ensure maximum value is realized at each stage of a project. We manage multiple projects simultaneously. We are working with key stakeholders both internally and externally, managing interdependent timelines to provide best in class procurement services. ​

The project management aspect of this role requires managing multiple tracks for simultaneous projects. Our customers face major digital transformation and understanding their procurement solutions and guiding them through this change is a fundamental part of our day-to-day work. ​

You will be challenged to fully understand the SAP Ariba procurement solutions and how we integrate with the customer landscape. The nature of the role will develop both your technical and soft skills.

Our ultimate goal is to help our customers adopt, consume and expand the use of their Ariba solutions.

SAP Ariba’s Onboarding team is responsible for the outreach, communication, training, enablement of catalogs and integration of our supplier customers on the Ariba Network. We work with cross functional teams to support the requirements of the SAP Ariba supplier membership growth strategy and provide support as required to achieve requisite regional revenue targets. ​

It is essential to have good communication skills, analytical problem-solving skills and customer focus to succeed in this team. ​

You will gain experience working with cross functional teams and will develop in depth knowledge and understanding of SAP Ariba usage by suppliers. ​

Our goal is to support our customers to automate transactions via Ariba Network and to maximize their adoption of Ariba solutions.

Strategic Architects and Business Process Consultants provide advisory services to the highest level of executive management. Our aim is to help develop long-term growth plans and profitability objectives. We adapt strategy to address emerging threats and opportunities. ​

Critical for this role is understanding underlying principles of the SAP ecosystem, procurement processes, enabling tools and technologies. ​

Within this team you will become a true expert, mastering both technology and procurement processes. You will effectively guide customers in different project phases, from architecture to value realization, from solution design to solution optimization, and from innovation adoption to implementation best practices. ​

The ultimate goal is to ensure customers meet their KPIs, ensuring high-quality solution implementations, efficient procurement processes, industry best practices and smart automation. We bring real and measurable value to the customer on their journey to autonomous procurement.

Customer Support is the face and voice of SAP Ariba. Our specialists and engineers possess product expertise and help customers overcome their challenges with the platform by providing functional and technical support.

It is critical to be a fast learner, curious and creative in solving problems.

In our team you will enhance your communication skills, gain important product expertise and you will feel more confident when talking to customers.

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service by delivering the right solution, at the right time to the right people.

Customer Success Managers are trusted partners to our customers on their journey to success. They are a dedicated point of contact for our customers and they help them: adopt solutions, prepare for major releases, provide enhanced support, and much more.

Critical to success is to have a proactive attitude, to be able to manage customer’s expectations, and to take ultimate ownership for driving various initiatives towards customers success.

You will learn to lead difficult conversations; you will get more familiar with our internal infrastructure and you will gain more insight into the industry of your assigned customer.

Our main goal is to ensure our customers achieve their unique business outcomes via their strong partnership with SAP Preferred Success.

Supplier account managers provide dedicated support to suppliers with a large SAP footprint. Our team is responsible for relationship management and retention of the strategic suppliers, and ultimately for revenue growth.

Key to success it to be able to manage accounts, to build C-level relationships and have good negotiation skills.

As a supplier account manager, you will improve your relationship management skills, learn to think strategically and get a deeper insight into how business works.

Our ultimate goal is to become a partner to our supplier customers and help them realize the value in using our solutions through spend growth, relationship growth and document growth.

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