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SAP University Alliances: Shaping the future of education

SAP University Alliances is a global program with more than 3,100 member institutions in over 106 countries that aims to shape the future of higher education. The program exposes students and faculty to the latest SAP technologies and enables universities and vocational schools to integrate SAP software into their teaching by partnering to build technology skills.

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Faculty, develop qualified graduates with critical skills for the workforce

Join us in shaping the future of higher education by becoming a member of the SAP University Alliances program. Program members have access to a wealth of resources developed in collaboration with faculty, students, and SAP partners and customers around the world. You can attend SAP events, conferences, and seminars; get free software licenses for education and research purposes; and leverage University Competence Centers for infrastructure (hosting) and application support.

Associate Membership (free of charge)

As an associate member, you have access to:

  • SAP University Alliances curricula
  • Demos, Webinars, and recordings
  • Community membership
  • Events and competitions
  • Learning platforms
Full Membership

With full membership, you get all the benefits of the associate membership, as well as access to:

  • The entire SAP license portfolio – free of charge
  • Partner hosting and maintenance of SAP solutions through University Competence Centers – at not-for-profit prices
  • First- and second-level support through University Competence Centers
  • Preferential invitation and participation in events

By having access to ready-to-use learning content – in conjunction with hands-on SAP systems practice – you can leverage the latest SAP technologies to deliver practical and future-oriented education.

SAP Learning Hub, academic edition

Get on-demand access to a variety of learning content, including:

  • Slides that can be used in the lectures
  • Exercises and case studies to guide students through SAP systems
  • Fully configured SAP systems – each using the virtual company “Global Bike Inc.”

Drive innovation at your university by partnering to build technology skills with SAP and the SAP ecosystem. The SAP University Alliances program gives faculty and students access to the SAP Cloud Platform – free of charge – and provides development landscapes for research and co-innovation through our University Innovation Centers.


Find out how to navigate and simplify digital transformation

Gain insight into what the digital economy means – and how to leverage the opportunities of digital transformation – in a new openSAP thought leaders series provided through the openSAP platform.

Learn about TUM and SAP’s new research platform

See how Technische Universität München (TUM) and SAP are promoting innovative business development to create economic growth with a new research platform for digital technology-driven organizational change.

Are you a student entrepreneur?

Further your business goals by becoming a leader in the SAP Student Entrepreneur Program. The program identifies students who want to start businesses and uses the SAP technology platform for innovation to foster student start-ups.


Read about our first Big Data innovation center and innovation lab

Drive Big Data, enterprise mobility, cloud research, and co-innovation by becoming an SAP University Alliances innovation lab.

Explore the HPI Future SOC (Service-Oriented Computing) Lab

See how the HPI Future SOC Lab enables and promotes exchange and interaction between the research community and industrial partners. 

See what the SAP Cloud Platform can do for you

Get the tools you need to dream big, develop fast, and deliver to the global business marketplace with the SAP Cloud Platform.


Students, your future of limitless possibilities starts here

Are you thinking about your future career direction? Do you want to use your creativity and entrepreneurial mind-set to shape the future of businesses within areas as diverse as healthcare, banking, energy, smart cities, and sports and entertainment? Do you want to make an impact in the world? Then join the SAP University Alliances student network and give your future a jump start.

Jump-start your future with SAP

SAP University Alliances opens up the world of SAP to more than 2,650 universities in 90 countries worldwide. Our goal is to develop highly qualified graduates with critical skills for the 21st century.

By having access to online learning resources – anytime, anywhere – you can build highly desirable SAP software skills ahead of your peers and earn an industry certification in the latest SAP technologies. This advanced knowledge and expertise gives you a strong competitive edge when looking for great careers in the SAP ecosystem.


Academy Cube

Developed by leading global companies, Academy Cube is the only platform that combines e-learnings with the job hunt. By connecting students, graduates and professionals with companies, it creates new opportunities that could pave the way to your dream job.


With academic institutions providing educational content in the form of massive open online courses (MOOCs), the openSAP initiative aims to utilize this concept in a business context to support the mass adoption of key SAP topics.


Join one of our events or crowdsourcing projects to showcase your creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and coding skills.

SAP Cloud Platform Developer Center

SAP Cloud Platform has the tools to help you dream big, develop fast, and deliver to the global business marketplace.

Learn more

Developer Center

Want to get access to free software trial accounts? Visit the Developer Center to stay up to date with the latest technologies.

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SAP CodeJam

Share your knowledge and collaborate on SAP technologies, platforms, and tools in a fun and casual environment at one of our hands-on coding and networking events near you.

Learn more

Student Projects: DataGenius

Help solve complexity with simplicity. Choose a topic and use SAP software to analyze the data and create a visualization, dashboard, prediction, or app to become the next “DataGenius”!

Learn more

Student Hackathons

To foster your entrepreneurial spirit, SAP University Alliances offers students the opportunity to participate in hackathons and other coding competitions.

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Work for SAP or within the SAP ecosystem

By joining our events and tapping into our resources for classroom and MOOC learning, you can be well-prepared for various job opportunities at SAP and within the SAP ecosystem.


Learn about careers within the SAP ecosystem

Learn about careers at SAP

SAP Student Council

To facilitate mutual exchange between students and SAP, the SAP Student Council gives students the opportunity to participate in application development and design projects and attend select SAP events.

Become a Partner

Join us in developing the talent of the future for the digital enterprise and building up the SAP ecosystem

As an SAP University Alliances member, you can play a critical role in shaping the future of higher education. You can jointly develop a curriculum with our community to prepare students for the future job market. Or become a challenge owner at a student competition and let students develop a solution for your business problem – while getting access to early talent.

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