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Screenshot von SAP Process Automation auf einem Laptop

Einfachere und schnellere Automatisierung von Geschäftsprozessen

Profitieren Sie von einem einfachen und schnellen Workflow-Management ohne Programmieraufwand und von Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

SAP Process Automation Events

Browse all upcoming and on-demand Webinars, virtual events, and conferences.

Introducing SAP Process Automation: Join the live SAP Community Call

Get to know SAP Process Automation, the latest offering that combines powerful capabilities from SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA. The service enables organizations to manage and automate workflows and processes using visual features that require no coding expertise.

Hyperautomation webinar series

Hyperautomation webinar series (Season 1)

Find out how you can address process and task automation needs in finance, procurement, and HR by viewing this series of hands-on workshops and guided demos.

Hyperautomation webinar series (Season 2)

Discover tangible automation scenarios to enhance your enterprise applications for activities related to finance, customer experience, and procurement.

SAP Process Automation on-demand Webinars

How to create RPA bots to help automate tasks

See how an RPA bot takes advantage of machine learning to extract structured data from a PDF file and enter the information into accounts payable.

Help citizen developers prepare for automation with SAP Intelligent RPA

Leverage RPA to empower a new generation of makers, builders, and citizen developers.

Learn why you should implement digital process automation on SAP BTP

Use workflow management on SAP BTP to develop and deliver digital process automation.

Achieve hyperautomantion in your business with SAP Process automation

Learn about SAP Process Automation and how it supports citizen-driven automation.

Accelerate app dev and process automation with LCNC

Learn how SAP AppGyver and SAP Process Automation enable citizen and professional developers to achieve higher resiliency.

Automate your capital expenditures with predefined content

Combine citizen automation technologies quickly with the SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA services. 

Develop, configure, and provision application workflows and content

Leveraging business rules and process visibility in your workflows helps citizen developers create content packages.

Classify data records with ML and regression models

See a deep dive into the features of Data Attribute Recommendation service, in the context of a real use case.

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