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SAP Data Hub


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SAP Data Hub enables you to perform data integration, orchestrate the movement of data, and provide governance capabilities for data across a complex and diverse data landscape.  You can also use Big Data processing to create uniquely powerful data pipelines based on the serverless computing paradigm. Existing data and processes can be managed, shared, and distributed across the enterprise with seamless, unified, and enterprise-ready monitoring and landscape management capabilities.


New to SAP Data Hub?

SAP Data Hub establishes a new category of software solution, providing a comprehensive answer to an emerging and painful challenge for enterprise customers: integrating data and establishing data-driven processes across an increasingly diverse data landscape.

Data Pipelines

SAP Data Hub facilitates building flow based applications consisting of reusable and configurable operations (e.g. ETL, Preparation, Code Execution, Connectors).


SAP Data Hub enables you to orchestrate processes across the data landscape (e.g. executing data pipelines, triggering SAP BW Process Chains, SAP Data Services Jobs and many more).


SAP Data Hub helps you to build a metadata repository of information stored in the connected landscape, offering discovery, profiling and search capabilities.

SAP Vora

The SAP Vora database and tools provide a distributed in-memory engine with various processing engines for different data types such as Relational, Time Series, Graph, Document Store, and Disk-to-Memory Accelerator.  It also includes a web-based user interface with a data browser, an SQL editor, and an OLAP modeler.

Under the hood: SAP Data Hub

SAP Data Hub provides an integration layer for data-driven processes across enterprise services to process and orchestrate data in the overall landscape for all user groups – IT, business analysts, data scientists, data engineering, and data stewards. It integrates and prepares data within a digital landscape to drive business decisions. It offers an open big data-centric architecture with open source integration, cloud deployments, and third party interfaces. It leverages massive distributed processing and serverless computing capabilities.

Summary matrix

Features Details
Data Hub Cockpit The central user interface for managing and monitoring the connected systems.
Data Discovery An environment for discovery and profiling of data in connected SAP Vora and Hadoop environments.
Data Hub Modelling A modeling environment for data-driven task workflows based on SAP Web IDE.
Data Pipelines Create data processing pipelines (graphs), and provide a runtime and design time environment for data driven scenarios. The tool reuses existing coding and libraries to orchestrate data processing in distributed landscapes.
Execution Orchestration Graphically model task workflows, and schedule, monitor and analyze their execution.
Content Lifecycle Management Import/export content, manage configurations and integrate with git repositories.
Access Control Control and log access to Data Hub using policies and user authentication.  
SAP Vora An in-memory, distributed database that can run enriched, interactive analytics on enterprise and Hadoop data, quickly and easily. It includes specialized engines for analyzing relational, time series, graph and JSON data.
SAP Vora Tools Web-based UI for viewing and exporting data contained in tables and views, an SQL editor for creating and running SQL scripts, and an OLAP modeler for creating data models against Hadoop data sources.  

Try it now

Get easy access to SAP Data Hub to try different scenarios and capabilities.


A container image which runs on your desktop and includes SAP Vora and the Data Pipeline editor.  This does not include the workflow modeler or the Data Hub central administration application.

On SAP Cloud Appliance Library

SAP Data Hub virtual Appliance in SAP CAL, runs on AWS. This includes all components of a Data Hub installation.

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