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Eyal Pessach

Operations Group Leader 

Eyal's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


The culture in our team, and at SAP as a whole, is for every employee to feel accepted. We value and encourage people to be able to share ideas quickly and work together easily.

Eyal Pessach

My name is Eyal and I have been with SAP for six years, including my time at Gigya who were acquired by SAP and form part of our Customer Experience Organisation.

I grew up in Israel, in Rishon Le Zion but I now live with my wife and two daughters in Petach Tikva which is 18 minutes by train from the SAP office in Tel Aviv.

I joined Gigya when it was still a start-up company and still relatively small. My interest in Gigya was with the technology used and the idea that I would be able to contribute through my experience and implement a lot of the automation and processes to support the rapid growth planned. Once SAP acquired Gigya, the challenges became bigger as the growth was exponential. When I first started I managed a team of seven people and now six years later I manage four teams with over 25 people.

I lead the Operations Group for Customer Data Cloud. Our goal is to implement best practices and processes to support the organization growth, keeping our production systems SLA compliant, constantly improving performance, and making sure our environment is secure and compliant.

One of my greatest achievements at SAP have been building unified teams with great people willing to collaborate and help each other on their tasks, sharing their knowledge and being friends after working hours. These kinds of people are the ones helping our individual growth and development by doing it together as a team. This is something that SAP definitely helped me to reach.

There are many colleagues who worked with me who were always willing to give advice and consult where needed, and my success is something they definitely helped me to achieve.

Success to me is learning from your mistakes and improving constantly. We all make mistakes as this is what makes us human and in order to be successful, we should be committed to learn from them and improve ourselves. Any time a goal is reached, or an obstacle is overcome, take time to appreciate the moment, even if it’s something small. All goals require smaller objectives to be achieved first.

The culture in our team, and at SAP as a whole, is for every employee to feel accepted. We value and encourage people to be able to share ideas quickly and work together easily. I am also a strong believer in trusting the employee, which fosters freedom and empowerment at work, with a strong emphasis on working together to achieve success as a team. This is not something unique for my teams but also seen across all SAP. We have great people willing to help the colleagues to reach their goals and be successful together.

From childhood I knew my work would be around the computer industry as I really liked computers and invested many hours on learning new things in programming languages. This passion led me to do my first degree in computer science at the age of 21 and my first job was at the Israeli telecommunication company where I worked throughout the BA degree.

Outside of work, I really like traveling abroad and two of the places I want to visit which I haven’t yet are Australia and New Zealand. One of my hobbies is learning a new language and I am investing some of my spare time in learning Russian – it is not easy, but I really like the challenge.

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