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Jana's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


Within SAP, everyone has the flexibility to shape their career individually, working not only in one of the world’s most valuable companies, but also together with customers of all sizes and industries.

Jana Oestringer 


I grew up around Walldorf, very close to the SAP headquarters. Growing up most of my life around Walldorf, SAP has been a familiar brand for me long before I even knew what software was. Since finishing school, I have moved away from home several times for studying and working purposes both in Germany and abroad, but it has always drawn me back sooner or later. Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. So, after finishing school, I started law school –few months later I realized that this was not at all what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I rather coincidentally stumbled over an opportunity at SAP.

I started my career at SAP 10 years ago as a dual student of International Business Administration and Information Technology. I started in consulting for purchasing solutions, but after three years I joined the Global Center of Expertise (CoE) Business Process Improvement, which is now a part of the Business Process Intelligence team.

What attracted me most of SAP was the variety of opportunities and the possibility to explore and enhance my strengths in different tasks and roles. Within SAP, everyone has the flexibility to shape their career individually, working not only in one of the world’s most valuable companies, but also together with customers of all sizes and industries. I have met so many role models at SAP, who have all left a part of themselves with me and helped me to shape my career. I love that we have such an open culture that focuses on every individual’s talents.I would like to highlight that I have always worked in very diverse teams, this diverse background shapes the way we think, and only through this diversity we can explore and find the most creative solutions.

I have been in customer-facing roles throughout my entire career at SAP, and I have probably spent the same amount of time on customer sites as within the SAP walls. In my Business Process Intelligence (BPI) team, I’m supporting our customers to innovate their business processes in an ever-changing world. As most of the world’s processes run on SAP solutions, this is an integral part of our “helping the world run better” objective. For me this means that I invest a lot of time talking to customers’ process experts as well as my colleagues in product management, designers, consultants and application experts, data scientists, and developers, to help make this vision a reality. There is no typical day in my role. Somedays, I perform an analysis of a customer system, on other days I am involved in customer workshops helping them to analyse and improve their processes. 

In the Business Process Intelligence team we not only designand develop the solutions to help our customers innovate their business processes, we also work closely together with our stakeholders and guide them through their digital transformation in collaboration with a variety of teams. We believe that success – regardless if personal or the customer’s – comes from building bridges and bringing out the best of the people around us, hence we have a strong focus on talent development within our team.

Being responsible for customer engagements motivates me. I help to shape the future of the Business Process Intelligence solutions by coordinating our team in customer co-innovation, pilots, as well as validation and feedback sessions with customers. In addition, with my SAP Services and Support background, I leverage this knowledge to support the creation of Business Process Intelligence services in close collaboration with the colleagues responsible for the SAP services strategy. This requires making knowledge and insights transparent and bringing people together. 

I’m glad that SAP gave me the possibility to travel a lot across the globe. I would consider myself a runner. I love spending time outdoors and exercising. Regardless where I have travelled to for work, there has always been room for my running shoes in my suitcase (which have touched the soil of 5 continents). I’m happy to say that I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary with the company with no intention to leave anytime soon!

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