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Ashokkumar KN

Director Product Management, SAP Labs India 

Ashok's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

At SAP, everyone has a role to play and contribute, and everyone can make a difference.

Ashokkumar KN

Since joining SAP as a software developer in 2007, Ashok has held a variety of roles from individual contributor to manager of developer teams.

His early interest in software started with computer gaming. Deciding that there was a future in creating software, not just consuming it, he took the leap to major in Computer Science and upon graduation, began his professional journey in this exciting space.

In 2012, Ashok discovered a new passion: product. Today, he works as a Senior Product Manager in SAP Labs India managing SAP Business Intelligence products. His areas of specialty include business intelligence, predictive analytics, data mining, big data, advance data visualization, and more.

As a manager, Ashok understands that he plays a huge part in guiding and influencing people’s careers. He believes that one of the key responsibilities of managers is helping people identify and understand what their career aspirations are.

“When you come to SAP, it is like an ocean. There are many, many, opportunities in this company and as a manager, my job is to provide clarity for the team,” he says.

“This is how I met Shipra Chaudhary, a fresh graduate whom I hired. Despite being a new developer, I assigned her many activities and responsibilities and she consistently did a great job. But over time, I sensed she wanted to do more and was hungry to grow. So, I worked with her to find new opportunities,” he says.

“When SAP HANA was introduced and our customers across all industries were handling lots of data, I took up the challenge to address how large amounts of data could be visualized, which is referred to as ‘parallel coordinate plot’ in SAP HANA,” Ashok shares.

“I knew that a solution was possible. I worked with an architect to figure out how we could achieve it and we came up with several ideas. That was when I decided to involve Shipra to further develop the logic around our concepts,” he says. “Shipra came up with additional ways to optimize the logic and we build a prototype, which she also helped code.”

The winning solution by Ashok, Shipra, and team was judged to be truly unique and earned them a patent as well as recognition. Further iterations of this logic are now available in SAP’s products and solutions to help SAP and our customers visualize vast amounts of data in simple and meaningful ways. Ashok is incredibly proud of this achievement and the team who made it work.

When asked about what he loves about SAP, he says it is the challenges, the opportunities and the people that make SAP a great place to work.

“At SAP, everyone has a role to play and contribute, and everyone can make a difference,” he says. “And when combined with the type of work I get to do at SAP every day, it’s simply enjoyable.”

Meet Shipra, one of Ashok’s colleagues who supported him on the patent they secured. Shipra Chaudhary is a Regional HR Advisor Consultant.

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