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Aneta Ernatova

Recruiting Operations EMEA, Supervisor

Aneta's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

I like that SAP cares about its employees and gives certain flexibility and prepares events for different groups of people, including families.

Aneta Ernatova 

My connection to SAP started on the day of my interview in June 2016. I had just finished my maternity leave and was looking for a job where I could balance work with my family. I had different interviews and got some offers, including the one from SAP, but I knew from the beginning that I would go for SAP because of possible home office that was offered as a benefit. Having a 2-year-old daughter, I knew I would need to stay with her at home in case she was ever sick and I was always afraid of losing a job because of that. SAP conditions make me feel safe about my job plus proved that having a child does not have to be a burden for a woman; in fact, on the contrary.

I joined the team of Recruiting Operations specialists, also called RPTs, in July 2016. I immediately fell in love with this work and the team. The onboarding was so well designed that I was prepared to do my job when I was asked to start working independently. I also liked the system of processes that made my work organized and with very little stress. This was also my first experience with a corporate and I very quickly started enjoying the varied communication with internal and external partners.

Within 1 year, I extended my knowledge of tools and systems we use and I felt fully satisfied that I could do my job with excellence. I was also asked to take on some additional activities, such as a Communication training and doing interviews for the Talent Incubator programme. Everything I was doing was meaningful for me and I felt truly happy for having a job in SAP. And although my daughter is ill very often – as I expected – I could still organise my work and manage the daily business with additional activities. Plus, I am very grateful to my manager for her support and trust that she gave me. She could see my passion for this work along with my reliability and she nominated me twice as an SAP Catalyst – a yearly nomination with the benefit of an experience focused on development.
When I was with SAP for almost 2 years, my position in the team changed. My manager went on a longer vacation and I was asked to be her backup. When she came back, a manager from another team went on a 6-month fellowship and I was asked to be her backup. So, I changed the team. The manager did not come back from her fellowship and we decided to reorganise the teams of process specialists and merged them. The team was so big that I was asked to participate in the leadership and was offered the role of a supervisor.

Even now, with the new responsibility of leading people or taking part in global projects, I am still able to combine work and private life. With my attitude, I am able to do all my work usually without overtime and can always pick up my daughter from the kindergarten on time.

I feel like home at our Metronom office in Prague. It is such a nice building with amazing meeting rooms where I get inspiration for innovations. I like that I can meet people in the building from different teams but also from SAP Ariba and SAP Concur. Networking is one of my hobbies, which I implement practically into my work.

Even my daughter loves coming to the office. She still recalls the SAP Day for Children. I like that SAP cares about its employees and gives certain flexibility and prepares events for different groups of people, including families.

Of course, my work and HR processes still have room for improvements since the teams and processes are evolving super-fast, but that´s what makes me feel still interested and passionate – there is a lot of space for ideas for innovation, which gives employees plenty of opportunities to use their talents.

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