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Rate Your Favourite SAP Solution: Write a Product Review  

Your opinion matters

SAP has partnered with TrustRadius to capture our customers’ voices.

Below are a few guidelines to help ensure your review is published: 

  • Great reviews are detailed. Provide detailed responses with key examples that include quantifiable insights from your unique experience. Specific details can make a difference in a great review.
  • Great reviews are honest. Provide your perspective including illustrative use cases or favourite functionality. A good review showcases your unique experience, giving a sense of transparency to other users.
  • Great reviews are stories. Provide an experience detailing a unique angle that includes your pain points or challenges through benefit or ROI-focused examples. A great story can help people empathize with your unique experience.

Got 10-minutes? Improve people's lives.

For every published review, TrustRadius will reward you with a US$25 Amazon gift card and will donate US$10 to the World Health Organisation.

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