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SAP HANA version 1.0 SPS11

What’s new in SAP HANA version SPS 11?

Discover the powerful features introduced in SAP HANA SPS 11. Here’s how they can help you develop and manage modern applications, accelerate time to insight, and simplify your IT landscape.

SPS 11: Database Enhancements

High availability and disaster recovery

Regain instant access to data after a system failure. SAP HANA version SPS 11 adds support for hot-standby configurations. This capability helps you minimise business disruption because applications can regain immediate access to data by failing over to up-to-date, standby databases.


Strengthen user and data security with SQL injection prevention functions that impede the execution of malicious code. Consistently manage user credentials across applications and databases. Implement default security policies across SAP systems. And monitor KPIs in a real-time security dashboard.


Leverage a unified Web-based administration tool, on premise or in the cloud. It supports dynamic tiering, smart data access, remote data sync, and our SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise accelerator. Administrators can use it to perform delta backups to diagnose and troubleshoot unresponsive systems.  

SPS 11: Data Processing Enhancements

Predictive algorithms and streaming data processing

Increase business agility with advanced analytics on streaming data. SAP HANA SPS 11 adds predictive algorithms that leverage machine-learning techniques to automatically refine partitions based on changing patterns and trends detected in live streaming data. 

Spatial data processing

Accelerate the analysis of location-based data with spatial data partitioning – added in SPS 11. Distribute and process location-based data across multiple nodes to improve performance. And leverage external geospatial data for broader analysis with OGC certification.  

Text analytics and mining

Extract more value from unstructured data with enhanced text analytics and mining capabilities. Identify relationships among elements of a sentence – and leverage on-demand text analysis, row-level language identification, and a larger number of supported languages. 

SPS 11: Application Services and Development Tools Enhancements

Web and application services

Use more programming languages – JAVA on Apache TomEE, JavaScript on Node.js, and C++ runtimes – to flexibly architect your applications with microservices. Our new extended app service lets you scale out independently from database services – to help optimise your system resources and ensure high application performance.  

Development tools

Take advantage of standardised tools that let you leverage your existing expertise and help you expedite application development. SAP HANA Service Pack Stack 11 adds support for open source code management tools, including Git, GitHub, and Maven. Additionally, it supports calculation views in SAP PowerDesigner.  

SPS 11: Data Integration and Quality Enhancements

Multi-temperature data management and Hadoop integration

Now you can move Big Data between in-memory, disk, and Hadoop databases while maintaining instant data access and full transparency. Leverage multi-temperature data management via SAP HANA Data Warehousing foundation. And accelerate queries between Apache SPARK and SAP HANA.  

Data integration

Seamlessly access data from a larger number of sources. With new data provisioning adapters, you can transparently access data from the following sources: SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Suite on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, MS Excel, and SOAP Web services.

Data quality

Rely on more accurate data through advanced data cleansing and enrichment capabilities. Leverage survivorship rules that let you create some of the most accurate data records. And use reverse geocoding functions to identify addresses within a given geographical perimeter.

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