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SAP Mobile Secure, cloud edition

Move beyond mobile device management (MDM) with SAP Mobile Secure – EMM in the cloud

Protect and manage your company’s mobile devices and apps – with SAP Mobile Secure. This cloud-based EMM portfolio offers integrated tools for mobile device management (MDM), bring your own device (BYOD) security, mobile application management (MAM), and more. Manage mobile device security from one SaaS platform – and even set up your own enterprise app store.

Why SAP Mobile Secure?

Because our cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) portfolio secures your mobile devices and apps“ without compromising the user experience. With SAP Mobile Secure, you can:

  • Establish detailed device and app-level security policies
  • Minimise BYOD security risks and protect your company's data
  • Empower IT to deliver fixes, upgrades, refreshes, and prevent data loss for mobile users in the field

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Learn how SAP Mobile Secure can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Functional Capabilities
  • Mobile device management
    Manage your company'™s devices at the OS level -“ and enforce security policies on all corporate and BYOD devices. Detect compromised devices, remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices, and more.
  • Mobile application management
    Provision, maintain, and optimise all your apps with tools for mobile application management (MAM). Make it easy for managed and unmanaged users to securely access relevant apps and services.
  • Enterprise app store
    Provide an optimised experience for end users with Mobile Place,“ a multi-channel app store for finding, downloading, and configuring relevant apps and services.
  • Policy compliance
    Ensure managed users are compliant with corporate MDM security policies before enabling app downloads.
  • Simple self-service
    Reduce the drain on IT with a complete self-service experience optimised for end users.

Suggested Resources

Technical Capabilities
  • Mobile app configuration
    Simplify the process of customising, configuring, and deploying mobile apps -“ including SAP Fiori app, apps built on SAP Cloud Platform or SAP Mobile Platform, and 3rd party apps.
  • Mobile app discovery service
    Simplify the first-time user experience of setting up and configuring mobile apps“ with the new mobile app management (MAM) feature now available in SAP Mobile Secure.
  • Mobile security without barriers -  Address all the possible security gaps that come from supporting mobile devices, apps, and content with SAP Mobile Secure safeguarding your corporate data while providing a superior, frictionless mobile experience for your employees, partners, and customers.

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Browser and configuration requirements for SAP Mobile Secure

System and software requirements vary according to specific customer scenarios. Please refer to the SAP Mobile Secure Sizing Guide and SAP Mobile Secure System Requirements Guide for details.  

System Requirements Details
Browser requirements (portal)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Google Chrome 34.x

Mozilla Firefox 26.x

Safari 6.1.3 for Mac OS

Additional information

Your production subscription entitles you to one production account in the SAP Mobile Secure landscape. SAP does not provide a development/test account as part of your subscription.

  • A single tenant is supported per enterprise
  • All customers are patched/upgraded concurrently with advance notice from SAP
  • RDP access to the infrastructure is not permitted
  • Session Manager Policies are not supported
  • Direct API/programmatic access is not supported
  • By default, a single Active Directory integration point is supported
  • MDM Settings are in UTC and cannot be changed
Supported languages English

Explore licensing and purchasing options for SAP Mobile Secure


SAP Mobile Secure

Users / Sessions:

  • Per month per device
  • List price exclusive of taxes
  • Price: USD 1.27

SAP Mobile Place (included)

Users / Sessions:

  • Per year per device
  • List price exclusive of taxes
  • Price: USD 15.00

SAP Mobile Device Management (included)

Users / Sessions:

  • Per year per device
  • List price exclusive of taxes
  • Price: USD 15.00

Buy SAP software now and pay later — with our flexible payment plans and financing options


Consult the guide Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers for general licensing information

Free trial

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of SAP Mobile Secure – and get unlimited access to our mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management (MAM), app security, and content management solutions.

See what our customers are saying

Phillips 66

How did this Fortune 500 company equip 2,000 employee iPhones with productivity apps in less than two months. By using SAP Mobile Secure to efficiently manage devices and deploy apps.*


Ensure a successful implementation and maximise your ROI with information resources that support the different phases of SAP Mobile Secure – from planning and installation to operation.


Plan your installation

Admins, refer to SAP Mobile Secure: Getting Started Guide to learn the basic steps required for setting up the SAP Mobile Secure cloud environment.

Confirm that you have a license key

To request permanent license keys, you need authorisation under myProfile*. To extend your authorisation, please contact an SAP user administrator*.

Download your free trial

Register now for your 30-day free trial. Get up and running in minutes, and see how easy it is to manage and secure your mobile devices and apps in the cloud.


Need additional help with your implementation?
Contact SAP Digital Business Services or SAP Enterprise Support services


Find an SAP partner to help with your implementation


How to use SAP Mobile Place

Refer to SAP Mobile Place User Guide for important information about using and customising the end user app portal.

Customise SAP Mobile Place

Download the SAP Mobile Place Branding Guide to find out how to display your company’s logo and corporate colours.


Get started with Android for Work

Android for Work lets you separate business and personal data and apps on your device. Consult the Quick-Start Guide to learn how to set up the program.  

Download the admin guide

Read the SAP Mobile Secure Administration Guide to learn how to secure and manage your mobile apps, devices, and content.


Need additional help with your implementation?
Contact SAP Digital Business Services or SAP Enterprise Support services


Find an SAP partner to help with your implementation


SMP 2.3: Fundamentals and best practices

Get an Introduction to SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 – and learn how it can support your enterprise mobility strategy and technologies.

Mobile device management courses

Learn all about SAP’s best practices for mobile device management (MDM) – in this SAP Education curriculum for administrators.

How to plan and implement custom apps

Register for our online e-learning course on planning and implementing mobile apps for your line of business or industry.


Need expert guidance with your educational needs? Learn how education consulting services from SAP can help



Plan and carry out a successful upgrade to the latest release of SAP Mobile Secure – so you can take advantage of the new features and capabilities right away. 


Learn about new features

Refer to the SAP Mobile Secure Release Notes to find out about the latest updates and feature enhancements.

View the guide*

Ask the community

Visit the SAP Mobile Secure Community for the latest technology news and updates. Ask questions, post comments, and discuss issues.

Visit the community

Product road map

The product road map describes how the product capabilities are planned to progress over time with recent innovations, planned innovations and a summary of the future direction.

View the product road map*

Identify dependencies

Use the Upgrade Dependency Analyser to determine if your upgrade will have an impact on your other systems.

Access the analyser


Need additional help with your upgrade? Contact SAP Digital Business Services or SAP Enterprise Support services


Find an SAP partner to help with your upgrade


Get the support you need to keep SAP Mobile Secure running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximise the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more. 

Expert Community

Connect with SAP experts – and get the latest news and views on SAP Mobile Secure implementations, upgrades, innovations, and best practices.


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