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Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

Unify financial and operational stakeholders in one S&OP process to foster collaboration –aligning inventory, service levels, and profitability.

Enable real-time planning

Balance demand and supply, integrate financial and operational planning in one S&OP process, and link high-level strategic plans with mid- to long-term operational plans to create a business plan that is operationally feasible, financially viable, and aligned with goals and objectives.

With a collaborative, cross-functional business process, users can balance inventory, service levels, and profitability quickly and effectively. 

Simulate and compare scenarios

Prepare for supply chain disruptions by using S&OP software to rapidly run simulations of demand, supply, and financial changes.

You can use these simulations to support what-if analysis and compare planning scenarios with respect to market conditions, product adoption, and supply availability, with probabilities related to impacts, risks, and opportunities, for fast, informed decisions.

With these insights, users can manage overtime, compare plan and performance data, and track deviations.

Collaborate across departments

Break down operational and planning silos and improve teamwork and efficiency in the planning process. Our S&OP software lets you model various business alternatives, create and optimise business plans, and combine input from multiple constituencies, like the finance, sales, marketing, and supply chain departments.

With improved collaboration, planners can move from intervening in individual exceptions to managing overall flow, synchronising goals with all stakeholders, and enhancing performance.

Monitor performance and future alignment

Define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for planning related business activities, like actuals versus plan comparisons; define KPIs at individual, departmental, business unit, and corporate levels; and project approved future operational plan metrics and compare with corporate strategic objectives to identify potential future misalignment.

With better visibility to anticipate and counter disruption, you can provide executives with actionable information and recommendations to make decisions and seize opportunities faster.

Explore all capabilities of integrated business planning

Forecasting and demand management

Automate the statistical forecasting process and apply machine learning algorithms to predict demand.

Inventory planning and optimisation

Establish optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximise profits, while ensuring customer service levels.

Response and supply planning

Generate feasible supply plans to meet demand with accurate inventory targets and efficient capacity utilisation.

Demand-driven replenishment

Use strategic decoupling points and inventory buffers to control the flow of material through the supply chain.

Supply chain visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility of your supply chain and detect potential disruptions with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower.

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