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Comply with revenue recognition standards with our lease administration software

Quickly create a central inventory of all revenue contracts and commercial leases throughout your enterprise. SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa allows you to collect and validate the attributes of your revenue contracts and leased asset contracts from a single point of entry. By leveraging this global view of revenue and lease contracts, stakeholders will gain insight into contractual data and analyse their contract portfolio including impact on financial statements. The solution provides complete visibility into the changes and decisions made during the abstracting, analysing, and assessment process.

  • Prepare for compliance with existing and new financial reporting standards for revenue recognition and lease accounting
  • Centralise all your contractual data in one repository, and visualise your global revenue contracts and lease portfolio/exposure
  • Speed up validation by enabling collaboration with key stakeholders across your enterprise
  • Visibility into all the changes and decisions made during technical assessment of performance obligations and their impact on revenue recognition/lease accounting and reporting
  • Understand the business impacts of your global lease portfolio and make better business decisions

Understand Your Lease Portfolio and Comply with Standards

Improve visibility into your organisation's lease portfolio to develop compliance strategies for upcoming regulatory lease accounting and reporting standards. Learn how to use the SAP Lease Administration application by Nakisa to evaluate your lease exposure and comply with standards.

Gain a full view of leases—from start to end

See how SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa provides companies a 360 degree view of leases from initiation to termination and comply with new standards and regulations such as IFRS 16.

Getting Smart About Revenue Recognition and Lease Accounting

Find out the new and proposed rule changes from the FASB and IASB for revenue recognition and leases: when they will take effect, and about the potential impact on your processes and systems. Learn how SAP software enables you to prepare for this change.


Get the support you need to keep SAP  Lease Administration by Nakisa running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximise the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more.
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