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Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence Features

Increase manufacturing intelligence by connecting equipment, people, and operations to your extended supply chain.

Learn what’s new

Discover the latest features and enhancements in SAP MII. Check out new capabilities and the best implementation and configuration approaches. 

Product Capabilities

Become a highly adaptive manufacturer using real-time intelligence enabled by computer-integrated manufacturing, IIoT, and M2M features.

Centralised plant information

Gain a clear view of plant resources with a plant information catalogue that helps you arrange shop floor assets in a hierarchical structure, maintain master data, and incorporate information from sensors and business users. 

Streamlined energy monitoring and analysis

Simplify all monitoring and analysis of energy resources across different dimensions of the plant information catalog, from buildings to manufacturing networks.

Enhanced overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Identify the root causes of equipment downtime, efficiency loss, and poor quality on various hierarchy levels – and view them in a business context.

Focused manufacturing analytics

Increase insight with an in-memory platform that supports cross-data store analysis, statistical process control, predictive analytics, and storage for Big Data.

Customised user information

Consume role-based production data on your desktop or mobile device with user-definable dashboards. Use drag-and-drop tools to define personal views according to plant hierarchy.

Integrated business processes

Connect intelligent business processes from the enterprise to production, and extend integration to device connections. 

SAP Software Accessibility

SAP is committed to delivering software that is usable by individuals with disabilities. Although our applications include many accessibility features, they are currently not fully optimised for accessibility. You may need to provide client-side, third-party assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to be used in conjunction with SAP products.

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