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Connect people, processes, data, and devices

Leverage the best solution for the job at hand.

Boundless integration

Leverage broad use case coverage spanning people, processes, data, and sensors.

Total connectivity to business processes and data

Take an API-first approach to effectively expose business logic and data.

Choice of synergistic integration techniques

Address diverse service quality needs across heterogeneous hybrid landscapes.

Accelerate integration with automation

Use AI, machine learning, and self-service automation to simplify integration and drive toward faster business outcomes.

AI-powered assistance

Leverage intelligence to democratize and expedite B2B integration and data governance.

Self-service automation

Use prepackaged integration content and simplified data and process orchestration across SAP and third-party apps.

Complete flexibility

Take a flexible approach to integration by leveraging existing and new technology investments across hybrid environments.

Extend beyond your business

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, extending business to business integration for a competitive advantage.

360-degree view of the business

Gain a comprehensive, trusted view of data and metadata to interpret, standardise, correct, enrich, and match information. 

Secure access

Implement enterprise-class governance of data and APIs, combined with secure access and privacy protection.

Support for ecosystem growth

Simplify new partner connections and accelerate the onboarding process by using best practices to enable a systematic integration approach across the enterprise and ecosystems.

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