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Discover tactics to boost your revenue with our incentive administration software

Enhance sales, improve production, and build customer satisfaction – while awarding incentives to your best employees with SAP Incentive Administration by Vistex. Support a full range of simple and complex incentive agreements and programs.

  • Provide a strategic tool to align your business activities with your business objectives
  • Manage commissions and other incentive programs with maximum efficiency
  • Leverage extensive tools for analysing incentive programs and reporting results
  • Set targets and quotas while managing actual performance against your budget

Featured resources


Simplify royalties with SAP Incentive Administration

Find out how companies are using SAP Incentive Administration to accurately calculate royalties and rights, streamline royalty management processes, and increase visibility. 

Nidera: Simplifying customer rebate processes

Learn how this leader in the Brazilian agricultural market is using SAP Incentive Administration by Vistex to automate the calculation and payment of customer rebates and bonuses. It now has full visibility into accruals and more satisfied customers.



Get the support you need to keep SAP Incentive Administration running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximise the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more.

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