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Transform financial management processes with our financial management software

Improve financial operations – and stay on top of changing business models – with intelligent financial management and accounting systems from SAP. Our solutions support core ERP finance as well as advanced FP&A, compliance, cash management, and more, on premise or in the cloud.

Solve your specific financial management and accounting needs

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How finance execs can increase their influence

See how a chief financial transformation officer uses SAP S/4HANA Finance to stay on top of current business operations and forecast future success. This video follows a day in the life of Sarah as she briefs the board and creates predictive models on the fly. 

Meeting the finance challenges of the future

How can your finance organisation thrive in the face of sustained market volatility – and meet the business and technological challenges of the future? With in-memory and cloud financial management software solutions from SAP. Here’s how they work.

Grow your bottom line by gaining full visibility into spend categories and optimising working capital

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Optimise your working capital to improve your bottom line

Working capital is not only the cheapest source of cash, it is also a good indicator for overall organisational efficiency. Companies have trillions of euros of optimisation opportunity, which they can seize through holistic working capital management strategies in the areas of inventory, payables, receivables and cash & liquidity.

Optimise working capital to improve your bottom line

Working capital is the cheapest source of cash and a good indicator of organisational efficiency. Learn how you can maximise your working capital through an integrated strategy that includes inventory, payables, receivables and cash & liquidity.

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increase in revenue since the launch of SAP S/4HANA Finance.

Memebox case study


increase in efficiency.

La Trobe University case study


improved accuracy of cost analysis by product.

Huvitz Co. Ltd. case study

What are leading analysts saying about SAP?

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Leading CFOs discuss the value of SAP S/4HANA Finance

See how leading CFOs are using innovative technologies to capitalise on the rapidly changing business and regulatory environment, while transforming financial management.  

Uncover how financial leadership pays off for CFOs

Over 1,500 of the world’s leading finance executives build a clear picture of what makes great finance leaders – they are also tech pioneers. 

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