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SAP CRM: Marketing

Automate your core marketing activities with integrated, on-premise CRM marketing capabilities

Build your customer base and lifetime loyalty – with integrated marketing capabilities in SAP CRM. Our on-premise CRM marketing tools make it easier to segment lists, personalise offers, and deploy cost-effective marketing campaigns. 

Why SAP CRM for Marketing?

Because in today’s customer-centric world, you need to differentiate your company – and deliver the right products and offers better and faster than the competition. With marketing capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:


Manage all relevant activities in a single, unified marketing CRM platform 

Control and get full visibility into your end-to-end marketing processes 

Integrate marketing functions with execution channels to run more effective campaigns


Product Capabilities


Key marketing capabilities in SAP CRM:

Marketing Resource Management

Align your marketing resources, track marketing spend, and build accountability into all your marketing activities – with efficient marketing resource management tools.

  • Marketing planning and budgeting
    Collaborate on plans and budgets, allocate spend to relevant activities, and report actual costs against each plan.
  • Integrated marketing calendar Provide a centralised view of all marketing activities. Filter activities, criteria, and access control for different views.
  • Marketing program management
    Leverage task management, campaign templates, workflows, and approvals to keep marketing activities on track and on budget.
  • Digital asset management
    Store and manage rich media files across your company so you can easily include them in campaigns.
  • Channel marketing funds management Organise and distribute marketing funds to your marketing partners.
Segmentation and List Management

Identify and target distinct customer segments in huge volumes of data – using an interactive drag-and-drop interface that displays valuable insights.

  • High-volume segmentation
    Create target groups that span millions of customers, and process segmentation and list queries quickly and accurately.
  • Segment builder
    Leverage intuitive graphical tools to drag and drop key criteria that can help you find and refine customer segments.
  • External list management
    Import large purchased or rented customer lists to use for prospecting campaigns or to enhance existing customer data.
  • List quality analysis Use performance reports to analyse spend for external lists, and assess their effectiveness and revenue contributions.

2-Minute Video: Segmentation and List Management

Campaign Management

Plan, coordinate, and execute effective marketing campaigns that encourage customer interaction and maximised revenue.

  • Campaign planning
    Enable collaborative campaign planning to align resources with activities, and launch coordinated campaigns.
  • Campaign automation Run dialogue marketing programs using existing customer data to personalise follow-up interactions and build lasting relationships.
  • Inbound marketing
    Leverage inbound customer interactions to make real-time offer recommendations.
  • E-marketing Use low-cost online and email channels to deliver high-volume, personalised, and relevant messages.

5-Minute Demo: Campaign Design

6-Minute Demo: Campaign Execution

Loyalty Management

Plan, develop, and manage effective loyalty programs that elevate customer allegiance.

  • Program management
    Set up and manage loyalty programs that include status levels, tier groups, point accruals, and redemption.
  • Reward rules management
    Create and maintain loyalty rules and conditions to determine which customer actions warrant reward points and deductions.
  • Advanced membership handling Support card handling and organisational, temporary, and instant memberships to boost program acquisition.
  • Robust and flexible rule design environment
    Design program rules and offers using templates, decision tables, and graphical flows.
  • Partner management
    Enable end-to-end partner handling, point billing and settlement, and application integration.

3-Minute Demo: Loyalty Management

Lead Management

Generate, prioritize, and automatically send highly qualified leads to the right sales agents and third-party partners – to help boost conversion rates.

  • Lead generation Generate leads from multiple interaction points, including call centre and sales agents and online and email channels.
  • Lead qualification Create a centralised, consistent lead generation process to capture highly-qualified leads and boost closure rates.
  • Lead distribution Automate the process for assigning leads to the most qualified agents, including those in partner organisations.
  • Lead analytics
    Get insights into the lead management process. And monitor leads throughout their lifecycle, from generation through to conversion.

4-Minute Demo: Lead Management

Sales Contract Management

Empower your sales organisation to work collaboratively with customers to develop and revise contracts throughout the contract lifecycle.

  • Contract management Create and manage customised contracts and long-term agreements, create follow-up sales documents, and apply long-term contracts.
  • Collaborative contract negotiation
    Negotiate new contracts until terms are agreed upon, guide customers through product selection, and send contracts to suppliers.

    2-Minute Demo: Sales Contract Management
Marketing Analytics

Take advantage of powerful marketing analytics – including operational reporting, dashboards, advanced analytics, and predictive modelling.

  • Customer analytics Leverage data mining tools and predictive behaviour models to get insights into customer profiles, purchases, profitability, and segments.
  • Marketing optimisation Identify the best channels and offers for a given target group to maximise revenue and reach profitability targets.
  • Measurement and reporting Measure marketing effectiveness by using a variety of templates to track and analyse results for campaigns and lead generation.
  • Marketing performance dashboard
    Provide executives with a view of all relevant marketing activities to ensure goals and targets are being met.

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