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Artificial Intelligence (AI) with SAP

Build an intelligent enterprise using prebuilt AI, data-driven cloud applications, and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud platform services. AI solutions from SAP can help solve complex business challenges with greater ease and speed by focusing on three key AI characteristics.


AI algorithms are designed to make decisions, often using real-time data. They are designed by humans with intentionality and reach conclusions from instant analyses.


AI is often undertaken in conjunction with machine learning and data analytics to enable intelligent decision-making by using data analytics to understand specific issues.


Effective AI must adjust as circumstances or conditions shift. AI integrates these changes in its algorithms and makes decisions on how to adapt to the new possibilities.

Why choose SAP for your AI solutions?

A comprehensive portfolio of AI solutions

Make AI work for your business and IT operations by using our AI solutions to accelerate automation, eliminate human errors, and elevate business actions.

SaaS applications with embedded AI

Access a suite of applications powered with adaptive intelligence to transform your business with automation, smart insights, and optimised processes.

Open and AI-ready infrastructure

Build and deploy AI applications at scale using SAP Business Technology Platform, with ready-to-use business services, AI-driven data orchestration, and pipelining on an open source framework.

Powerful data foundation

Manage diverse types of data at every stage of the AI lifecycle by using SAP HANA to access, store, and process any type of data from any source.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

When coded properly, AI offers incredible precision, accuracy, and speed and is not affected by hostile environments, enabling it to complete dangerous tasks, explore in space, and endure problems that would injure or kill humans. 

Artificial intelligence allows users to:


Make better business decisions

Analyse large amounts of internal and external data to automate repeatable tasks, improve predictions, and make smart decisions.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Streamline operations and scale resources as needed, so that you can focus on driving innovation.

Accelerate time to value

Optimise workflows and organise data assets in one place for easier collaboration.

Enhance customer experiences

Engage in more productive conversations with customers using AI-powered insights to deliver more personalised, human-like interactions.

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas

The future of mobility

Intelligent technologies from SAP can help extend digital capabilities throughout the mobility ecosystem – empowering companies to complement physical products with digital solutions, while maintaining smooth process flows and implementing new business scenarios quickly and flexibly.


Seamless connectivity

Bank customers expect an experience similar to other commercial retail sites – user friendly experiences with personalised recommendations for products and services. SAP is helping banks create superior customer experiences through tailor-made solutions delivered at scale and as a service.


New shopping experiences

With AI solutions from SAP, you can deliver a channel-less, personalised, and frictionless brand experience; innovate store interactions to foster your brand; and make shopping convenient and inspiring, anywhere, anytime.


Embedded intelligence

With intelligent technologies, healthcare providers can move from volume to value to improve health outcomes and efficiencies.

Oil & Gas

Intelligent fuel management

Shell uses intelligent fuel management functions to process delivery tickets on a mobile tablet using an electronic proof-of-delivery solution. The solution allocates vehicles and resources based on flight schedules and maintains live tank feeds to monitor fuel inventory before reordering.

See what customers are achieving with SAP

97% accuracy of early-failure simulation

Learn how Kaiserwetter uses AI capabilities from SAP to help clients make green energy investments as risk-free and profitable as possible for customers.

Innovating through AI

See how Endress+Hauser uses SAP Business Technology Platform for data-based innovation and SAP Data Intelligence to realise enterprise AI.

Build a business case

Unlock business transformation and resilience with AI applications

Find out how AI is becoming ubiquitous across business processes – and how you can invest early and appropriately to empower your organisation with AI applications.

Realise the business value of AI-enabled SAP applications

Explore the important gains that organisations can realise through AI-driven automation of business processes.

AI Product Portfolio from SAP

Elevate business actions

Integrate robotic process automation, machine learning, and conversational AI to reduce manual activities, respond to customer needs proactively, and make smarter decisions.

Humanise experiences

Deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences by managing business tasks effectively with chatbots and an advanced bot-building platform.

Extend beyond SAP technologies

Scale AI enterprise-wide, while connecting the data you need regardless of location or type, to automate information management and high-performing machine learning models.

SAP AI Business Services

Automate business processes, make them smarter, and enrich the customer experience by using AI business services from SAP to kick-start your journey.

With SAP AI Business Services, you can use machine learning and AI capabilities to solve business problems that occur in many different business processes.

  • Reusable services
  • Easy integration into your existing landscape   
  • Reduction of manual repetitive work
  • Wide usage possibilities
Visit SAP Developer Community to get started with a wide range of tutorials and missions. 

Learn more about AI with SAP

SAP Machine Learning and AI Community

Find all the information you need to build your intelligent enterprise with AI solutions from SAP. Learn how you can extend your business, get started, innovate, access featured and expert content, and register for upcoming events.

Hear from our experts

Join SAP software users, developers, consultants, and mentors to get help, share ideas, and connect with others in SAP Community, and visit SAP News Center for the latest news and announcements from SAP.

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