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Co-Innovation and Certification

Hardware Certification

Reassure your customers that your hardware will work effectively with SAP solutions with our hardware certification services.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) works with partners who provide appliances and peripherals to SAP customers. Most importantly SAP ICC tests and certifies hardware appliances, storage solutions, and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms that support SAP HANA.

SAP also wants to support customers implementing use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) by testing devices such as sensors or IoT gateways for integration with SAP Business Technology Platform.
If you're a printer vendor, you can take advantage of our SAP Printer Vendor program to help ensure the ongoing compatibility of your device types with SAP solutions.

Hardware and IaaS Certification for SAP HANA

SAP offers certification for appliance and enterprise storage solutions so that customers can unlock the full potential of SAP HANA.

The true power of SAP HANA is only realised when the combination of hardware infrastructure and software works in perfect harmony to efficiently process massive volumes of real-time data using in-memory computing. Hardware certifications for SAP HANA help SAP customers to reduce hardware and operation costs, mitigate risk, optimise time-to-value, and gain additional flexibility in selecting a hardware partner to run SAP HANA.

Certification scenarios for SAP HANA include:

  • Hardware appliance solutions for SAP HANA 
  • Enterprise-storage solutions
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms for SAP HANA

Each scenario comes with its own test procedure to determine if the hardware meets the performance criteria required to run SAP HANA in production.

After certification

Once testing is concluded successfully, you will receive a detailed certification letter that details the exact validity date of the certification. We will also provide you with a certification logo that you can use to promote the successful certification to your customers in your online and printed communications.

In addition, we will list your fully-certified appliance hardware in our online hardware directory for SAP HANA. This gives your company exposure to the thousands of customers that visit each day.

SAP Internet of Things Device Certification

Using information from sensors other smart devices, SAP IoT technical capabilities are transforming business models.

As always-on connectivity expands across the globe, businesses are finding new ways to use the Internet of Things to work smarter, improve jobs, and delight customers. SAP IoT technologies provide a full IoT solution stack built on SAP Business Technology Platform.  A key component of this is the SAP Internet of Things (IoT) service, which includes the SAP IoT Gateway app.

SAP Internet of Things

The SAP IoT service enables customers and partners to develop, customise, and operate IoT business applications in the cloud. We provide core technical services to process device data at a high velocity with streaming analytics and device management capabilities. You can establish a secure connection to remote devices using a wide range of IoT protocols and manage the device lifecycle from onboarding to decommissioning. In addition, you can collect and process sensor data at scale, either at the edge or in the cloud, and store it on SAP Business Technology Platform for use by other applications.  


SAP is working with a wide array of SAP hardware partners and device vendors to pre-test and certify devices and IoT integrations with SAP Business Technology Platform. 

SAP Printer Vendor Program

We collaborate with leading printer manufacturers to combine the best printer features with SAP technology to benefit our mutual customers.

Printing is pivotal for many business processes, and the number and capabilities of available printer models is growing steadily. SAP and the leading printer manufacturers are cooperating to implement the best combinations of printer features and SAP technology to benefit our mutual customers. Through the SAP Printer Vendor program, members can co-develop solutions for broader support of printer models used with SAP.


Printing from SAP software can be a critical business activity for SAP customers, and the printer model and device type combinations developed under the SAP Printer Vendor program are listed online. 


Customers want to know that they can rely on SAP to get the full benefit from their IT investment, including printers. Modern printers offer important new features – such as being able to communicate their status to centralised monitoring functionality within SAP software, enabling a rapid reaction to problems or optimising cost-effective maintenance.

Success stories

SAP hardware certification gives customers the confidence to invest in your offerings – helping you expand your business and accelerate sales cycles.


Learn how Cloudleaf’s end-to-end intelligent sensor network provides location, condition monitoring, and path flow analysis for a variety of assets. 

Apply for Hardware Certification

Hardware and IaaS Certification for SAP HANA

The true power of SAP HANA is only realised when hardware infrastructure and software work in perfect harmony to unlock the full potential of in-memory computing.

SAP Internet of Things Device Certification

Certify your IoT device to integrate with SAP IoT technical capabilities which are transforming business models and processes across all industries.

SAP Printer Vendor Program

This program helps leading printer manufacturers implement the best combinations of printer features and SAP technology to benefit customers.

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