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2019 HCM Trends & Forecasts

by Steven Hunt and Lauren Bidwell

Figure 1. 2019 Wine Bottle Index Results

2019 2018 2017 2016
Experience Management Improving the Employee Experience Technology Enabled HCM/Easier HR

Team management tools

Tools for Teams

Improving Collaboration/ Virtual Organizations 

Embedded and Linked Analytics

AI/Machine Learning /Increasing HR Analytics

AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Data Driven Decision Making/Workforce Analytics

Diversity and Inclusion/ Rethinking Retirement

Workforce Inclusion

Embracing Diversity/Workforce Aging

Skills management

Growing Skill Shortage

Data driven staffing

Greater Staffing Complexity

Purposeful Engagement

Creating Engaging Cultures

Culture and Engagement Employee Retention Hiring for Potential and Culture

Wholistic Development   

Creating Employee Development Culture

Manager Development

Humanizing Job Automation

Managing Job Automation

Integrated HR

HR Driven Technology Innovation

Digitalization of Human Resource Functions

HCC Transformation Business/ Oriented Human Resources 

Engaging External Workers

Developing HCM methods for Contractors

Flexible organization design

More Flexible Work Arrangement

Fluid work arrangements Flexible Work Models

Real time, continuous coaching

Performance Management Evolution/Better feedback 

Performance Management Transformation Continuous Coaching

Active Recruiting of Passive Candidates

Managing Employer Brand

Recruiting Marketing/ Developing Talent Pools


Increased Focus on Well-Being

Workforce Health and Well-Being

Providing Effective Healthcare

Artificially Intelligent Managers


Organizational Agility

Transforming Organizational Structure

Compensation Transparency

Transforming Compensation and Rewards Employee Recognition/Organizational Transparency Measuring and Rewarding Performance

Building Employee Trust

Managing Cyber Security Risks
Growing Legal Challenges Employment Legislation  HR Legislation
More Accessible Learning Content
Continued to Shift to the Cloud

Table 1: 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Prediction Categories

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