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Future of work

Get ready for the future of work – with insights into changing employee expectations, HR trends, and improved workforce engagement.


Cameras on or Cameras off During Video Calls?

Due to pervasive myths and misconceptions about the benefits of video calls, many companies, and leaders, haven’t figured out where they stand.

Addressing Digital Distractions to Focus on Work

Digital distractions plague most of us these days, whether we’re in an office setting or working remotely. Here are some strategies managers and employees can use to address the risks.

Emotional labour Is Frying Your Staff. You Can Fix It.

When workers experience heavy emotional labour every day, it leads to lower performance and eventually to employee turnover. 

What is workforce management (WFM)?

Workforce management refers to all the activities and processes needed to manage your workforce – from budgeting, scheduling, and forecasting to tracking employee time and complying with regulations.

Why core HR functions are soaring in the cloud

Here's why organisations are moving their core HR functions to the cloud – and how a centralised HR platform can drive profitability, innovation, and business growth.

Employee time tracking: How cloud solutions benefit today's hybrid workforce

Time tracking technology has progressed, but it stil remains a challenge for every company. Today's cloud-based time tracking software can help.

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