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Two shoppers peer into an open window display.

Customer experience 

Explore the forces influencing the future of CX and CRM – and how to build profitable, long-term relationships with customers.


The future of field service management

Field service workers can solve problems remotely, leading to efficiency, speed and even new business models.

What is CRM today?

Dive into CRM fundamentals including what it is and how businesses benefit.

Ambient intelligence: when computing is all around you

Smart watches and fitness trackers are only the first signs of a world that will enfold us in a subtle but ubiquitous web of connectivity.

ERP data visibility: The overlooked secret to customer satisfaction

Learn how a cloud ERP system provides the data visibility needed to improve operations and deliver a winning customer experience.

Store of the future: Smart carts, smart mirrors, smart everything

Smart technologies can deliver immersive data-driven experiences that prioritize convenience and engagement above all else – even sales.

Why principles are becoming essential to profit

Consumers want brands to align with their values. Weaving them into your operations isn’t easy, but it brings major benefits.

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