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Professor holding class outdoors using higher education software from SAP

Higher Education and Research

To educate the next generation and stay ahead of trends, colleges and universities are using smart higher education software.

The future of higher education and research

Colleges, universities, and research institutions are using innovative technology to prepare students for the world of work and to do more with less.

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New higher education technology

Proactive institutions are transforming, using smart education technology to deliver the new skills, tools, and job experiences students will need – and the personalised, interactive tools they expect.  

Intelligent finance and accountability

Using next-generation finance solutions, higher educational institutions can make the most of finite resources – and meet demands for transparency around affordability, value, and learning outcomes.

Smart campuses

To keep pace with digitally native students, and to stay sustainable, institutions are evolving into smart campuses – transforming everything from entrance admissions and student experiences to parking.

Always-on student engagement

Colleges and universities create student information systems resembling video gaming to gauge student interests and sentiments – using the data to tailor meaningful recruitment messaging and outreach.

Changing faculty and staff paradigm

Teaching talent from the business world is rebalancing tenured university faculty models. Contingent workforces support learning areas most in need – and departments are integrating to form agile hubs. 

Accelerated research processes

Advancements in AI, analytics, and computing power help research institutions to automate functions, integrate digital processes, streamline projects and finance – and accelerate vital discoveries.

Featured higher education and research solutions


Our modern ERP system with embedded analytics, AI, and machine learning supports efficient and agile processes to maximise resource value and help you deliver measurable cross-campus and online campus results.

SAP Analytics Cloud

By integrating analytics and planning functionality with SAP applications, this solution can provide direct insights into academic and financial data. 

SAP SuccessFactors solutions

From core HR and payroll to talent management, HR analytics, and workforce planning, our software can help you offer individualised experiences and strategic solutions to empower employees to reach their potential.


Retention and graduation rates are critical for an educational institution’s reputation, ranking, and overall economic viability. You need 360-degree, always-on oversight of students to deliver superior experiences and value on the journey to graduation and continued professional development.

  • Real-time customer relations portal
  • Unbundling of massive student support system contracts
  • Outreach to students to assess evolving needs
  • Predictive analysis for base planning
  • Analysis of budget constraints to meet new value standards

10%–20% increase in student engagement.

Source: Riphah International University


With SAP S/4HANA and SAP Student Lifecycle Management, we can run integrated processes drawing on a single data source. This helps us run more-efficient operations and provide an enhanced digital campus experience.

Sarfraz Ahmad Haroon, Director of IT, Riphah International University


SAP solutions help maximise operating margins and efficiency to increase institution value, faculty and staff development, and sustainability. Digital finance and human resource operations increase automation, maximising revenue streams and cash management while allowing faculty and staff to grow professionally and focus on education value.

  • Consolidated systems support structure
  • Automated accounting and grants and funds management
  • Optimised HR processes, enabling changes to support structures 
  • Intelligent analytics to enable sustainable efficiencies
  • Real-time analysis of critical needs against budget constraints


100% of outdated processes, applications, and systems replaced.

Source: AMS and University of Nicosia


With SAP S/4HANA, we have one integrated system and streamlined core processes in accounting, payroll, research, budgeting, and reporting. When a new lease reporting standard was introduced, we simply added a module to assist with the adoption of this new and complex reporting standard.

George Soleas, Vice President of Finance, University of Nicosia


Research solutions from SAP leverage cross-functional and cross-departmental assets and resources. Superior research results are realised with optimal efficiency through the use of advanced analytics, shared services, and common practices. The increase in research enhances the output of an institution for enhanced reputation and revenue growth.

  • Segregation and tracking of grant and endowment funding
  • Transparency in regulatory oversight and reporting
  • Optimisation of shared-service centres and contract spend 
  • Intelligent analytics to increase efficiencies 
  • Cross-departmental asset-sharing and utilisation

30% time reduction in report generation.


Source: RV Educational Institutions and YASH Technologies

SAP S/4HANA is an incredible solution for higher education institutions that is helping us transform into an intelligent enterprise.

A.V.S Murthy, Honorary Secretary, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust

Get started with SAP’s cloud solutions for higher education and research

SAP can help you start or enhance your digital transformation – no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, you can get started with the RISE with SAP solution. If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any other vendor – you can enhance your higher education and research capabilities with our industry cloud solutions.


RISE with SAP provides customers with complete business transformation as a service (BTaaS) in a single package. At its core is SAP S/4HANA Cloud, business process intelligence, technology credits, and more. RISE with SAP also includes solutions for:

  • Best-practice financial management and operating processes 
  • Outcome-driven institution services and tools
  • Process intelligence 
  • Optimisation of the campus business platform and analytics
  • Real-time collaboration across departments and with suppliers and service providers

Industry cloud solutions

Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, SAP’s industry cloud solutions address specific industry needs for the higher education and research sector. Designed to work with your existing SAP and third-party systems, these specialised cloud applications can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

  • Cloud-based higher education and research solutions 
  • Innovative technology from SAP and our partners
  • Straightforward integration with existing systems
  • Extension of your current investments

Featured cloud solutions for higher education and research

Research budget management by Flexso

digitalise your research administration with a solution running on SAP Portfolio and Project Management that enables straightforward and detailed budget entry, simulation, or calculation for research projects.

labour Relations and Safety for Higher Education by Sodales

Minimise compliance risk with preventative management by deploying comprehensive lifecycle support for tenure, sabbatical, seniority, grievances, job bidding, liberation management, and safety inspections. 

Proctoring Record and Review by Questionmark Computing Limited

Help ensure that assessments are valid, reliable, and defensible with a remote proctoring service. This add-on fully integrates with the SAP Assessment Management application by Questionmark to deliver tests remotely.

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