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Blue anvil with Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando

May 16–17, 2023 | Orange County Convention Center

Solution Areas

Have a specific topic you want to explore? Our solution areas help you find the right sessions and discussions to give you the answers you're looking for.

For each solution area, we are offering sessions in distinctive formats to deliver the experience that works best for you.

Cloud ERP

With markets, businesses, and technologies changing as fast as they are right now, it’s hard to predict tomorrow, let alone next quarter or where your business will be in five years. But with the right tools in hand – actually, in the cloud – you’ll know what to do right now, so you can be ready for what’s next. The RISE with SAP solution fuels your business model transformation in the digital economy and helps you find new ways to serve customers and grow revenue.

Learning subtracks:

  • RISE with SAP: Your Journey to the Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition and GROW with SAP
  • Automated Finance and Compliance
  • Transform Your Business Model to "Everything as a Service"
  • Discover SAP's Cloud ERP Innovation Road Map

SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience believes industry solutions are the new pivot point for companies seeking better ways to accelerate innovation, increase customer loyalty, and drive profitable, sustainable growth. Find out how SAP's experience in business process transformation and industry specialization helps leaders see the world from their customer’s perspective and empower the enterprise to deliver amazing experiences that help win customer hearts.

Learning subtracks:

  • Conquer Business Complexity with Industry CX
  • Deliver Better Business Outcomes with Intelligent CX
  • Drive Customer-Focused Transformation Across Your SAP Landscape

Spend Management and Business Network

The spend management and business network portfolio from SAP provides powerful digital solutions that enable you to transform your purchasing lifecycle through travel and expense management. Learn how you can make smarter spending decisions, partner with the rest of your organization, and better align with your trading partners to make sure that every transaction is a strategic investment in the business.

Learning subtracks:

  • Achieve Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Within Your Industry
  • Automate and Simplify Travel, Expense, and Accounts Payable Processes
  • Bring Speed, Scale, and Savings to Procurement
  • Build a Workforce Ready to Respond by Better Managing External Workers
  • Ensure Every Spend Decision Fuels Your Business Strategy
  • Optimize Working Capital for a Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain

Human Experience Management

Change work for good. Future-proof your business by ensuring that your people are aligned, engaged, and properly skilled.  Discover how SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite empowers employees to reach their full potential at work. Explore how you can increase the strategic value of HR and create a sustainable workforce to drive better business outcomes.  

Learning subtracks:

  • Accelerate Innovation by Managing Your HR Operations in the Cloud
  • Elevate Your Talent Strategies to Build a Future-Ready Workforce
  • Realize the Value of Connecting HR Across Your Business

SAP Business Technology Platform

Accelerate innovation to unlock your business potential. Learn how SAP uniquely brings together powerful business applications enabled with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). SAP BTP is a platform that fosters a new partnership between IT and business and is designed to rapidly unleash the ability and skills of business experts, empowering people to operate within the context of the processes they run so they can solve and do more faster.

Learning subtracks:

  • Unleash Business Experts and Future-Proof Your Business with SAP BTP
  • Integrate Systems Across the Cloud and Existing IT Landscapes
  • Build Enterprise Apps and Business Sites Quickly Without Writing Code
  • Build Workflows and Automate Processes with "Drag and Drop" Simplicity
  • Unleash Data and Extend Planning and Analysis for Better Decisions
  • Bring Transformative Intelligence to All Your Business Processes with AI

Supply Chain Management

Your supply chain shouldn’t make headlines. With SAP, you can build a risk-resilient supply chain that prioritizes reliability and sustainability together with cost, margin, and speed. Let us show you how to build a supply chain that’s ready for whatever comes next so you can shift from ordinary supply chain automation to business-changing transformation.

Learning subtracks:

  • Manage Business Risk Holistically with a True Digital Supply Chain
  • Connect Processes and Contextualize Business and Operational Decisions
  • Incorporate Sustainability Practices into Every Supply Chain Process
  • Turn Service Management into a Vital and Vibrant Part of Your Business
  • Accelerate Time to Revenue Through a Connected Digital Thread


Industry dynamics are powered by innovators who transform their core business to capture new sources of customer and stakeholder value. SAP delivers the digital solutions that can help you become a best-run business in your industry. Find out how you can transform and grow your business, drive resilient and sustainable supply chains, and implement innovative new business models to stay future- proof.

Learning subtracks:

  • Become More Resilient and Sustainable with Embedded Industry Capabilities
  • Deliver Profitable Growth with Solutions for the Industries You Operate In
  • Develop Innovative Industry Extensions for Cloud Solutions on SAP BTP
  • Discover Industry Cloud, Our Go-To Innovation Space for Your Industries
  • Stay Ahead in Your Industry by Driving Business Transformation End to End

Cloud Success Services and Support

Learn how SAP can help you achieve the results you need from your SAP solutions – right from the start and for years to come. Discover how our services and support offerings provide a holistic experience across your organization’s unique digital journey. No matter what your company’s goals and challenges are, you’ll find an offering to help get your solution up, running, and delivering the value your business needs.

Learning subtracks:

  • Accelerate Success with Personalized Guidance, Enhanced Plans, and Services
  • Drive Cloud Success with Embedded Tools, Services, Content, and Support
  • Transform Your Enterprise with Tailored Engagement and Dedicated Experts


Meaningful business impact can happen when sustainability is truly integrated into business processes across an organization. At SAP, our belief is that data- and process-enabled technology has the strongest potential to help you achieve your sustainability ambitions. Let us show you how we can enable a future with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

Learning subtracks:

  • Accelerate Your Transition to a Circular, Resilient, Sustainable Business
  • Build an Ecosystem for ESG Steering and Reporting
  • Combine Averages and Actuals for End-to-End Environment Management
  • Incorporate Circularity and Create Corporate Sustainability Models

Discover SAP

SAP is not just an expert in enterprise application software. We are also a business, like yours, transforming itself to run at its best and deliver more value to customers and partners. Meet with experts from inside SAP who are driving this transformation and gain insight from leaders driving innovation and change.

Learning subtracks:

  • Learn Best Practices from Business Transformation Experts Inside SAP
  • Learn About SAP Programs and Initiatives That Help Drive Your Success

Visit the session catalog for a full list of sessions

Session Types

Customer Success Story

20 and 40 minute options

SAP customers provide a “how we did it” walk-through of strategic business initiatives and achievements.

Strategy Talk

20 and 40 minute options

Discussion of key trends and strategies that can help you plan for future business innovation. 

Solution Demo

20 minutes

Live demos that walk you through the ways SAP solutions can help you address specific business challenges.

Track Keynote Session

30 minutes

A high-energy stage presentation sharing SAP’s vision and strategy, and highlighting what is new. 

Solution Deep Dive

40 minutes

SAP experts give a “how it works” explanation of a key solution capability and examine ways to maximize the value of your existing investments.

Meet the Expert

40 minutes

Customer, SAP, and partner experts address questions on the best ways to meet business challenges.

Road Map Review

40 minutes

A detailed discussion and visual view of what is ahead for a key product or solution. 

ASUG Power Peer Group

40 minutes

Networking session hosted in the ASUG Hub by an ASUG community leader or subject matter expert.

ASUG Pre-conference Sessions

4 hours

Half-day or full-day deep-dive reviews of SAP products led by experts.

Demo Station

All day

A live demo that shows you the latest SAP solutions.

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