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Turn Data Into Your Super Power

Top Challenges & Opportunities for Data and Analytics Leaders

Together, we can move forward from the current extraordinary circumstances with innovative technologies that allow you to turn data into insights, and insights into action and steer your organisations with 360-degree real-time visibility.

Forrester Report – The Importance of Unified Data and Insights

Hear from 420 data warehouse and analytics strategy leaders as they share their thoughts on current challenges, innovation strategies, and automation priorities.

Data Defined – a talk show that explores the latest trends in data and analytics.

Join each digital broadcast to connect with leaders and experts who will discuss the current trends in data management and analytics. Gain industry insights from the experts and understand the technology and processes that drive businesses to succeed.

The Data Value Formula

Today, access to valuable data is a superpower! But just having a lot of data is not enough. Next to the ‘Volume’ of data, there are two more keys to unlock your data’s full potential.

Putting your Super Powers to Practice

Go beyond collecting data, connect it! Request a demo & learn how to combine data views across distributed data sources through a unified experience.

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP’s Business Technology Platform is a portfolio of integrated solutions that help organisations respond quickly to business needs today and to the challenges of tomorrow.


See how you can perform advanced analytics, multi-model processing and hybrid transactional and analytical processing - both in the cloud and on-premise – via a single real-time gateway to all your data.

Data Warehouse Cloud

Go beyond collecting data – connect it! With an enterprise-ready Data Warehouse Cloud. Request an SAP Data Warehouse Cloud demo to see it in action.

Learning from the Best Run Data Super Heroes


Find out how Porshce Unified Data Management and Analytics to make a big impact on efficiency and performance.

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Taronga Conservation Society utilised SAP Technology to simplify multiple employee processes, simultaneously allowing employees to better focus on enhancing the guest experience. 

National Hockey League

Learn how North America's beloved hockey league, the NHL, meets fan demands for top performance from athletes using an intelligent app that provides coaches with real-time insight into how players are doing.

Business Technology Platform Customer Success Stories

Featuring 40 featured Business Technology Platform customer success stories that contain solutions across the four Business Technology Platform pillars: database and data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies. The Business Technology Platform is the fastest way to turn data into business value.

Defining your Data Power Approach

Look Back at SAP HANA’s First Decade

In the tenth year since the initial release of SAP HANA, SAP’s Dan Lahl, Global VP, Product Marketing, discussed the legacy of the platform and its continued evolution. “Over time and with the help of more than 53,000 direct and indirect customers, SAP has also engineered SAP HANA to be robust enough to handle all our customers’ needs, from the smallest to the largest organizations,” Lahl said.

Understand the Power of the Platform

Why does IDC predict that 82% of digital revenue will be platform enabled by 2025? Download the IDC white paper, “The Top 5 Tech Trends to Deliver Business Outcomes: Understanding the Power of the Platform.”

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Workshop Series

Join SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Product Managers for an immersive, hands-on learning experience to learn the basics of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. 

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