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Delivering historical
race data insights to 
The Sun-Herald City2Surf

The World’s Largest Fun Run - 50 Years and Running

From 1971 to 2019, 2,256,375 people have registered for the City2Surf – amounting to 31.5 million cumulative kms or approximately 41 round trips to the moon!

Delivering Historical Insights to the World’s Largest Fun Run

City2Surf is celebrating 50 years of running in 2020 and what better way to celebrate this iconic event than by looking back at all previous City2Surfs! SAP has partnered with IRONMAN to collate and analyse their historical race data – delivering insights on participation over time, including gender and age category stats.

The Best Run SAP

The Best Run Podcast

Hear from Olympic athletes and creative thinkers, to some of the world’s leading minds as they share their perspectives on innovation, resilience and recovery.

Innovating to Optimise Performance

Discover how the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) use innovative technology and analytics solutions to enhance the sport of tennis for players, coaches, media, and fans.

Staying Resilient on the Journey to Olympic Glory 

Listen to NZ Sailing Olympic Champions, Blair Tuke & Peter Burling, talk through how they have dealt with lockdown during the pandemic and used this time to prepare for the Olympics. 

Get Involved!

If ever there was a time for us to come together for some good times, laughter, and love, then it’s now. The 50th running of the World’s Largest Fun Run on 18 October will be a virtual event.

The Experience Management Race is On

The Sports & Entertainment Comeback!

SAP is at the forefront of transforming the sport and entertainment industries by helping athletes, performers, teams, leagues, and organisations run at their best. 

Innovation in Sports & Entertainment

Turn Emotions into Motivation

Learn how Germany’s FC Bayern Munich uses data insights and personalised experiences to build a bond with fans outside the stadium. 

Turn Passion into Purpose

Hear how ocean advocate Emily Penn is striving to improve the health of our oceans by bringing together the eXXpedition community, scientific research and innovative technologies. 

Turn Fans into Fanatics

Levi’s Stadium, home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, i soften recognised as the world’s most technologically advanced stadium. It embodies SAP’s vision to simplify game-day experience and operations for players, employees, fans.  

Turn Data into Insights

In the world of esports knowledge can make the difference between victory and defeat, and data is one of the most vital resources. Discover how Team Liquid use SAP technology to support players’ growth and improvement by analysing performance based on in-game data insights.

The Interconnectors: A New Mindset for Value Creation

Beyond the Crisis: How interconnected businesses exhibit leadership and resiliency

Like sports and entertainment organisations, explore how interconnected business are extracting valuable insights from their data to be more resilient and better equipped to adapt to changing conditions. SAP partnered with Oxford Economics to survey 3,000 senior executives globally to understand how leaders around the world are adopting a holistic management strategy.

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