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Human Experience Management (HXM) is a new approach to HR solutions, that creates truly dynamic and employee-focused experiences

For decades, human capital management (HCM) solutions were based on top-down, HR-driven decisions. HXM pushes HR processes to go beyond simply facilitating transactions, to creating the kind of experiences that serve the employees first, and, as a result serve the business.


Workers are seeking out employers who place a high value on both their health and well-being. As a result, in the past few years, we have seen an explosion in well-being technology solutions.
How do you use technology to create human-centered cultures that allow us to reclaim our humanity while improving our health, productivity and happiness?

The true impact of health and wellbeing

Your people ARE the business. Learn how to better extinguish burnout, entice greater engagement, and turn employee happiness into a competitive edge with this simple guide to building a healthier work-life culture.

Creating resilient cultures - SAP white paper

Fostering positive well-being means placing people at the heart of the business while delivering key business outcomes. To succeed in an ever-changing environment, pushing for positive well-being begins with commitment from the C-Suite.

7 best practice well-being strategies to implement

Implementing successful well-being programs goes beyond introducing health and well-being management tools and resources to your employees. Integrating a meaningful well-being strategy combines both individual and organisational well-being. Explore these 7 ways of embedding well-being into your HCM practices.

Understanding the future of work – how prepared are organisations?

It’s time for organisations to stop talking about the future of work and start taking action. That’s because the future of work — marked by technological disruption, skills shortages, and a market-wide need for ongoing education — is in many ways already here.

Less talk, more action: Making the future of work a reality for organisations

In this report, we share highlights from research on the future of work conducted by our Global Alliance Partner, EY. Drawn from a series of 34 executive conversations and over 2000 survey interviews with employers and workers across Australia and New Zealand’s largest organisations, the study offers clear insights into organisations’ and workers’ preparedness for the future of work.

SAP Future of Work Infographic

Download the SAP Future of Work Infographic for a quick snapshot of findings from SAP global alliance partner EY on the Future of Work.


How does HR lead, organise, motivate, manage and engage a 21st century workforce to enable and support this digital transformation? Digitising HR means changing the way we work, the nature of our work, career structures and required skills. Are you ready for the HR digital revolution?

HR must deliver on transformation

HR may seem an unlikely hero for digital transformation - but it’s uniquely placed to build an agile, engaged, and upskilled culture that can translate new technology into better outcomes.

Minor Hotels gearing up for booming business growth

Minor Hotels (AS & NZ) has increased productivity and efficiency gains by up to 83%, saving 900 hours each year by replacing manual paper-based processes with digital workflows and online recruiting and onboarding.

Translating the Digital Revolution to Everyday Work

The digital workplace revolution is now. This whitepaper provides insights to six digital competencies shaping the future workforce and details how traditional HR practices need to radically transform to stay relevant.

Translating the HR Digital Revolution to Everyday Work

HR digital transformation is continuing to impact business processes and technology. Learn how you can ride the wave of HR digitization as it rises higher and spreads innovation into the future.


Transforming HR to deliver an experience that engages and empowers your workforce and unlocks the potential of your people to better serve their customers is what drives a successful, transformative culture. Get your workforce ready for the demands of tomorrow with digital technologies that drives creativity and innovation.

The total Economic Impact of SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

In this TEI study, Forrester illustrates the quantifiable benefits and costs of investing in SAP SuccessFactors HCM.

Jemena's digital workplace transformation – A Case Study

Electricity and gas distributor Jemena embarked on a digital workplace transformation to deliver HR capabilities that are integrated, intuitive and efficient. Central to achieving this objective was setting the foundational HR technology to execute on Jemena’s HR strategy.

SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite - Put people at the centre of your business

Organisations of all sizes are expected to meet the challenges of disruption and operate faster and respond better to change. Attracting, training and retaining top talent can only be achieved through a people-focused centre to business operations.

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