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These organisations prioritise their value chains, ensuring that the supply chain and its related functions are resilient and fully integrated with organisational strategy. 

How do the Best Run Organisations #RunToThrive?

In this report you’ll learn how Supply Chain leaders effectively prioritise their value chains to minimise risk and maximise opportunities by:

  • A focus on the customer
  • Visibility through networks of suppliers and partners
  • Sustainable practices in design, manufacturing and delivery

Additional Resources

Building Tomorrow’s Best Run Businesses – SAP S/4HANA Strategy

To ensure success, leaders need to build a best run business. 

The Importance of Real-Time Data During Supply-Chain Disruption

The global pandemic has forced the shutdown of factories, businesses, and venues, particularly in China, which had flow-on effects to supply chains and industries around the globe.

Webinar: Surviving and Thriving: How Supply Chain Leaders minimise risk and maximise opportunities

SAP and Oxford Economics launch global primary research study into 1000 COO’s and Chief supply chain officers to share what makes the supply chain function succeed.

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