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SAP Insights: The Future B2B Customer Experience: Five Essential Trends

As decision-making and purchasing processes rapidly change, how do B2B companies reinvent themselves to lead in the experience economy?

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There’s an opportunity here for those companies that rethink their role in this rapidly changing buying process. For all the information and tools at their disposal, B2B purchasers still struggle. More than three-quarters of buyers surveyed by Gartner said that their last B2B purchase was complex or difficult.

The amount of intelligence available to guide purchasing may be overwhelming rather than empowering. Getting to consensus within a diverse group of purchase stakeholders can be tricky, potentially resulting in delayed decisions or no decision at all. And the personal and professional stakes – not to mention the potential business impact – of making the wrong choice are significant.

As part of a broader series examining the customer experience in the 21st century, SAP Insights research center worked with more than a dozen industry experts to uncover five trends that will redefine the B2B digital customer experience over the next decade:

  • Embrace AI intermediaries
  • Make way for meaning
  • Customers become contributors
  • From markets to coalitions
  • Values define value

Let’s examine each of them in more detail.

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