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Integrity Health & Safety: Digitalizing and automating the source-to-pay process

Explore Integrity Health & Safety’s journey with SAP

When the COVID-19 pandemic created a major spike in demand for workforce health and safety products, Integrity Health & Safety needed to digitalize its source-to-pay processes to keep pace. With SAP Business Network, staff are more productive, there are fewer errors and exceptions, and the company is improving cash flow.

buyers transacting on SAP Business Network.

increase in sales through increased online presence.

online portal to support the source-to-pay process.

We now have a clear, concise, and convenient source-to-pay solution where we can get real-time data on the business. The digitalization of processes and user-friendly interface have enhanced our capacities and made us more productive.

Liam Harte
Founder, Integrity Health & Safety Pty. Ltd.

The Challenge

Meet rising demand with digital, cloud-based sourcing and procurement

Integrity Health & Safety sources products from around the globe and then ships them from supplier distribution centers directly to customers.

For a small business with just five employees, maintaining efficient operations is a must. With that in mind, the company looked to streamline supplier billing and client invoicing processes. It also needed a way to expand its supplier network to ensure it was getting the best products at the best prices. Finally, it needed a way to track and monitor procurement activities in real time to support accurate planning and forecasting.

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a significant increase in demand for workforce health and safety products, requiring Integrity Health & Safety to quickly level up on its digital capabilities. In addition to increasing its online presence, it started expanding go-to-market channels, resulting in a 30% to 40% increase in sales.

The time had come for a fully digital, comprehensive sourcing and procurement solution.

Procurement functionality and flexibility is more important than ever. With SAP Business Network, we expect to continue on our projected growth trajectory, engage with more customers, and deliver our offerings on time and above expectations.

Liam Harte
Founder, Integrity Health & Safety Pty. Ltd.

The Solution

Digitalizing every aspect of sourcing and procurement

Integrity Health & Safety chose SAP Business Network to digitalize and automate its source-to-pay process.

A key deciding factor was that so many of the company’s clients and suppliers were already using these solutions.

Cloud technology was also a critical draw, because of the straightforward configuration and integration with core ERP applications. Scalability was important to help Integrity Health & Safety meet the rising demand, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, for workforce health and safety products.

The Result

Improving supplier relationships and cash flow with SAP Business Network

Since deploying SAP Business Network, Integrity Health & Safety has a unified online portal that supports daily transactions, such as purchase orders and invoicing, as well as a sales channel through which to market products to more potential customers than ever before.

Invoicing customers through SAP Business Network has increased the efficiency of invoicing and is helping to improve planning and forecasting, thanks to real-time process and transaction monitoring.

Digitalization of the procure-to-pay cycle is boosting productivity and helping ensure cash-flow consistency. Automation is streamlining workflows, expediting approvals, and significantly reducing errors and exceptions – making it easier and faster to bill suppliers and invoice clients.

Further, the user-friendly interface makes daily work easier and saves time and effort.

SAP Business Network helped us accelerate our digital transformation, which has been critical during the pandemic. We are able to keep up with rising customer demand – sourcing and delivering products on time and at a competitive price.

Liam Harte
Founder, Integrity Health & Safety Pty. Ltd.

SAP helps Integrity Health & Safety run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Online portal to support daily transactions, such as purchase orders and invoices, that also serves as a sales channel
  • Automation of the purchasing lifecycle, streamlining workflows, expediting approvals, and reducing errors and exceptions
  • Real-time process and transaction tracking that supports business planning
  • Greater operational productivity in invoicing, as well as new opportunities to increase exposure to new and existing clients
  • Intuitive configuration, extensive database, and ease of navigation

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Business Network lets you collaborate with your trading partners in real time to infuse speed, agility, and resilience into your supply chain

About Integrity Health & Safety

An Indigenous-owned company, Integrity Health & Safety Pty. Ltd. provides business customers with everything from defibrillators to first-aid kits, vaccinations, cleaning supplies, health and safety training, and more. In addition to this, the company is making a profound social impact by providing Indigenous nurses with skills training, which they can then bring back to their communities.

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