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SAP Trust Center

Find the information you need on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance.

Cloud Operations

Get insights into cloud service delivery and hybrid IT landscapes to plan and optimize your resources from our experts and resources.

Things to consider when moving to the cloud

Simplify your move to the cloud with tips from Wharfedale Technologies, a certified SAP partner.

Hybrid IT landscapes and IT operations

Gain expert insights on hybrid landscapes, their typical deployments, and changes for IT operations.

Communication is key

Find out how we deliver communication when unforeseen events occur that may impact your business.

Efficient hybrid IT operations

Learn about ensuring a seamless operation of hybrid solution landscapes from Marcus-Alexander Funke, Chief Architect at SAP.

Cloud Operations Resources

Cloud Operations FAQs

Aside from SAP's own solutions, there are solutions from other providers that use different technologies and deployment models. As a result, there is often a mixed level of deployment models – the so-called hybrid IT landscape.

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Moving to a hybrid landscape requires business process and object-oriented IT service management. The definition and the orchestration of end-to-end services become key for the successful operation of hybrid landscapes.

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