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Mirgor: Uniting data sources to innovate manufacturing

Explore Mirgor’s journey with SAP

With multiple business units and an ever-growing number of data sources, Mirgor needed a central data access layer for a complete view of operations. Using the SAP HANA Cloud database and SAP Analytics Cloud solution, the company has gained real-time data access and set the stage for innovative technologies that can help it grow.

Migrating to SAP HANA Cloud helps us future-proof our data capabilities. We now get insights faster than ever before, which helps us make smart, data-backed decisions.

Carlos Unamuno
SAP Basis Administrator
Mirgor Group

The Challenge

Integrating data sources to gain a comprehensive overview of operations

Mirgor Group aims to become the main driver of innovation in Argentina. With activities ranging from manufacturing car parts to retailing electronics and exporting food products, it was hard to get a full picture of the business to move the business forward.


Mirgor’s hybrid data strategy used a mix of cloud-based data sources, from SAP Ariba solutions and SAP SuccessFactors solutions to third-party sources, in addition to on-premise sources, such as its ERP system. Silos had developed between these sources, getting in the way of analysis.


For example, a subsidiary company of Mirgor that manufactures electronics uses its ERP system to handle production data and submit orders to the factory. It also sells its products through e-commerce and other sales channels, bringing in data from different systems. Without a single data access layer to bring together these diverse data sources, getting real-time insights into production proved challenging. 


Across the organisation, it was difficult to access data for analysis, with some data also prone to inaccuracies or delays. 


Mirgor needed to be able to process transactional and analytical data simultaneously to enable near-real-time analysis. 

The Solution

Connecting transactional and analytical processing for faster, deeper insights

Mirgor decided to harness the database management and analytics foundations of SAP Business Technology Platform.


The group migrated to SAP HANA Cloud, a cloud-native database as a service, to smoothly connect its global data sources in a central access layer. Now, whether data comes from on-premise, cloud, SAP, or third-party sources, SAP HANA Cloud unites it in one accessible repository.


The intuitive connection capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud also extend to applications. Mirgor connected the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to its new central access layer to gain real-time insights from its data sources. This provides business intelligence, augmented analytics, and enterprise planning capabilities in one cloud-based solution.

The Result

Taking reporting and analytics to the next level

With SAP HANA Cloud connecting its data sources, Mirgor has the tools it needs to get data into the hands of stakeholders fast. Using the powerful hybrid transactional and analytical processing capabilities within SAP HANA Cloud, Mirgor can collect, analyse, and act on data in milliseconds.


Now, the entire organisation, from junior employees to C-level executives, has access to real-time information. When C-level executives need in-depth insight, they know the data they’re visualising through SAP Analytics Cloud is accurate and timely.


This transition has made a huge impact on how the organisation uses data. As Carlos Unamuno, Mirgor’s SAP basis administrator, explains, “Now, our reporting is greatly improved, with faster and more accurate results.”

Future Plans

Embracing next-generation technology to move the business forward

With its data sources united in one place, Mirgor can now focus on innovating for the future.


For instance, the group plans to deploy machine learning and predictive algorithms to empower sales teams. The powerful engine provided by SAP HANA Cloud can help salespeople better predict the impact of their campaigns. Mirgor can tie these predictions directly to production, helping ensure no key insights are lost to silos.

SAP helps Mirgor run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Fast, accurate reporting based on one accessible repository for all data sources
  • Enhanced analytics capabilities for accurate, real-time insights
  • Greater capacity for innovation using machine learning and predictive algorithms

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP HANA Cloud offers a single database as a service that enables modern applications and analytics across enterprise data.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud helps organisations analyse, plan, budget, forecast, and predict in one enterprise planning solution.

About Mirgor

Mirgor is helping build the future with quality technological products and services across the areas of agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, retail, and innovation.

Industry Region Company size
Industrial manufacturing Buenos Aires, Argentina >3,000 employees
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