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view inside SAP Experience Center Walldorf with large screen displays

SAP Experience centres

Explore our SAP Experience centres to see how we’re revolutionising the innovation experience.

What are SAP Experience centres?

SAP Experience centres are state-of-the-art innovation spaces with endless capabilities to highlight SAP’s power as a portfolio company and put the strength of our ecosystem in the spotlight.   



Customers can experience innovative scenarios and explore co-innovation ideas in this new environment – through meet, inspire, and engage areas. 

  • Meet our solution experts and executives from all business areas for tailored offerings and deep dives into the SAP portfolio to help your business become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. 
  • Be inspired through personalised showcases, innovative demos, and immersive stories about new solutions and business models unique to your specific needs and industry. 
  • Engage in hands-on workshops to kick-start your transformation and digital innovation journey with SAP. 

Flexible meeting options

We've made it easier for you to meet with us.

Virtual Meetings

With a virtual meeting, dedicated SAP Experience Center teams bring the meet, inspire, and engage journey – previously only brought to life on-site – now behind the screen. Now, you can advance your digital journey with SAP from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of your home.

Hybrid Meetings

For hybrid meetings, SAP Experience Center teams craft the ultimate personalised engagement, designed to connect both virtual and on-site attendees. Now, you can safely bring together meetings as the world adapts at different speeds to life post-pandemic.

On-site Meetings

On-site meetings allow you to engage with SAP Experience Center teams in person. Each centre offers physical spaces that are customisable to meet your business needs. Now, you can innovate in real-time with SAP technology to support your customers and employees. Our centres are carefully following COVID-19 state and government regulations and will reopen when it is safe to do so. 

Our Methodology

The end-to-end customer journey offered at SAP Experience centres combines touch points into three phases – meet, inspire, and engage.


Meet our solution experts to start, drive, and accelerate your journey with SAP​.

  • Our experts from all business areas can help your company become a best-run business. ​
  • Close collaboration, tailored offerings, and deep dives into the SAP portfolio support you in creating an intelligent enterprise.


Experience showcases, innovative demos, and immersive stories about new solutions and business models.

  • We curate a personalised end-to-end journey tailored to your specific needs and industry.​
  • By making innovation tangible and future scenarios visible, you can experience how we can work together to solve today’s business challenges and create the future together.​


Kick-start your transformation and digital innovation journey with SAP in hands-on workshops.

  • We provide targeted services to kick-start, drive, and accelerate your digital innovation journey.​
  • You can get together with our dedicated teams at SAP to co-create iterative prototypes, product solutions, and long-term partnerships for joint success. ​

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