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Consulting Services & Customer Support

Help customers navigate the world of SAP

Did you know? 94% of the world’s 500 largest companies are SAP customers.

Turn SAP customers into fans with a career on the frontlines. Choose a career in consulting, support, or education and make sure our customers get the stellar results they expect every step of the way. Seamlessly integrate SAP solutions into their businesses, ensure their systems run smoothly, teach them how to get the most value from their SAP investments, and more. No matter which team you choose, you’ll help customers chart a course to success – and get used to hearing “thanks – you’re awesome!”

Trusted advisor. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

SAP consultants are the best kind of know-it-alls. SAP consultants are problem-solvers, innovators, and guides. Our customers love them – and so do we.

They use their deep industry, application, and technical knowledge to help SAP customers achieve their most ambitious IT goals. Smart, ambitious, always driving for excellence – that’s you, right? Then think about a career with our consulting team. You’ll get a chance to look closely into customer operations to see how SAP strategy, processes, and business technology can help them run even better. Work to ensure your customers stay on top of trends and thrive in the digital economy. And try not to blush when they pile on the kudos.

What kind of consultant are you?

SAP consultants aren’t one size fits all. Explore some of our consulting career paths to see where you belong.

  • Business Enterprise Consulting
    These consultants provide advice and services to clients at an enterprise level. They develop and execute long-term IT strategies that take industry outlook, trends, and company-specific goals into account.
  • Customer Functional Enablement
    When customers want to ensure a smooth implementation for their cloud solutions, they call on these consultants. This team develops project plans and timelines for deployment, and oversees the process.
  • Customer Technical Enablement
    This team assesses technical issues and develops system solutions for the deployment and ongoing support of cloud-based products. They manage technical performance expectations and act as trusted advisors.
  • Services Account Management
    Services account managers develop close relationships with clients. They’re responsible for sales and overall client business development – and carry the booking and revenue targets for assigned accounts.

Wanted: knights in shining armor

This team develops and executes technical support programs for both internal and external clients. They collaborate with the world’s best IT and software experts – and they deliver wow-worthy customer service. At SAP, we’re relentlessly focused on our customers – and that’s one of biggest reasons why we’ve been growing for over 48 years. As part of our support team, you’ll make sure SAP products deliver on their promises. Develop and execute technical support programs, act as a customer advocate, advise on product performance and maintenance, and more. Join an on-site support team, work remotely, develop new services – whatever you want to do, you can do it at SAP.

Be part of an incredible support system

There are different career paths to choose from in SAP support – and one might be just right for you. Check some of them out below:

  • Service and Support
    This team provides ongoing technology support and services to SAP customers. They follow-up post sales, ensure customer satisfaction, advise on product performance and maintenance issues, and more.
  • Quality Management Services
    Our quality experts improve and maintain the quality of SAP’s support services. They develop ISO-based support procedures, implement Total Quality Management (TQM) programs, and conduct quality reviews.
  • Customer Support
    This team provides technical support to internal and external customers via phone, e-mail, Web form, chat, and communities. They use knowledge-based tools to resolve issues – and escalate when needed.
  • Project Management - Service & Support
    The project management team oversees the development and implementation of support services. They plan schedules, monitor spending, and organize interdepartmental and cross-functional activities.

Become the font of all SAP knowledge

Our education and knowledge teams are SAP software training gurus – indispensable to colleagues and customers alike. They design and deliver training courses, services, and solutions – and help other professionals expand their SAP skills and knowledge. When you join the SAP Education team, you’ll help others become experts in our products – and by helping them, you’ll build your own career. Identify internal and external training needs, create training materials and strategies, deliver cloud-based learning, sell education solutions, and more.

Put me in, coach

Work alongside some of the best coaches and instructors in the technology world – and make your own mark. Check out four possible career paths in SAP Education below.

  • Education Delivery
    The education delivery team identifies training needs – and executes training activities – for internal and external customers. They create educational products and train users on key SAP functionality.
  • Education Sales
    These salespeople work with customers and partners to develop and implement SAP education projects – and ensure their success. They consult customers on training needs, planning, delivery, and strategy.
  • Education Operations
    This team is in charge of training logistics. They schedule instructors, distribute training materials, administer tests, and provide admin support to education operations at SAP and at customer sites.
  • Knowledge Consulting
    These consultants deliver services and solutions for SAP knowledge sharing – internally and externally. They gather, share, and impart product knowledge – and they provide enablement for SAP innovations.

Do your research. What does customer service look like at SAP?

Learn about the overarching services organization at SAP – and explore some of the technology and products you’ll be consulting on.

Software products

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best – and you can help us to deliver a best in class experience to our customers around the world. SAP consultants have the deepest expertise in SAP solutions and the SAP product roadmap. We are relentlessly focused  on developing and attracting the right people to deliver the greatest value to our customers and partners. By making significant investments in skills transformation, we help ensure that our team continues to possess the very best expertise and can help every customer become a successful Intelligent Enterprise. 

Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business – in real time. As a result, they accelerate data-driven disruption and process automation, launch new business models, deliver exceptional experiences, and more.  

Get to know some of our best-selling support solutions – and learn about the overarching support organization at SAP.

SAP MaxAttention

SAP MaxAttention is our premium support offering. It provides customers with customized, collaborative, and in-depth support for IT projects and programs that take place over multiple years.  

SAP ONE Support Launchpad

The launchpad provides customers with a single access point to all SAP support tools. It offers a personalized, tile-based user interface that displays applications, real-time KPIs, tasks, and more.

SAP Support Organization

Learn more about the SAP Support organization and the services we offer – including hot lines, support and maintenance plans, embedded teams, strategic partnerships, co-innovation, and more.  

Explore some of our training and knowledge solutions – and learn more about SAP Education.


openSAP is a platform for massive open online courses (MOOCs). The courses are free, and they can help everyone – including SAP educators – improve their SAP skills and gain expert product knowledge.  

SAP Enable Now

Our team built this software to help customers create their own SAP training and tutorial content – including videos, animation, and interactive product simulations – and deliver it to any device.  

SAP Learning Hub

This cloud-based solution gives customers 24/7 access to online learning content, interactive SAP Learning Rooms, and live SAP training systems. It’s built for individuals, businesses, and universities.  

Training & Enablement

No one knows SAP like SAP. And no one else has the systems and instructional experience to help you learn it as effectively. No matter where you are in the world, SAP Education offers the most up-to-date and accurate SAP training available.

Meet some of our amazing consulting, service & support employees

See what employees from all over the world say about their SAP experience.

Driving customer excellence - Services Heroes

For Services at SAP, customers are at the center of everything we do. We are thrilled to share with you some concrete ways we drive our customers' success every day with innovation, industry, solution expertise. Hear from Augusta Spinelli, interim leader of #SAPServices, about “Services Heroes”: our teams and consultants who champion professionalism and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

See what our customers are saying

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