Industries Run SAP: Overview Video

View an introduction of SAP industry solutions – and how they help businesses run better by helping them collaborate, decide, adapt, operate better.

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    • [VO] The challenges facing today’s businesses are as diverse and unique as the industries they represent. So whether you’re a small, midsized or large enterprise, SAP has industry specific solutions to address those challenges head-on. The retail industry is always looking for ways to increase collaboration. For Office Max, leveraging mobile solutions helps them connect all areas of their supply chain to better meet demand. [Office Max] Using SAP’s mobility solution we’re going to look at providing handhelds, and put some SAP functionality in their hands to allow them to do their job better and on the go. To make smart decisions you need the right information, at the right moment. Media Industry giant Lionsgate, the leading independent film entertainment studio, uses intellectual property management and market-leading analytics to help direct their business and stay ahead of the competition. [Lionsgate] Once you have visibility into the box office, that translates into how much revenue you’re going to havein home entertainment and how much you can sell the rights for that movie all across the world. [VO] Today, your company’s agility could be its greatest strength. In the Consumer Product Industry, India’s largest paint company—Asian Paints, wanted to stand apart from traditional décor shops. Using SAP enterprise solutions, they can quickly respond to changing customer needs. [Asian Paints] What has improved with SAP is our ability to focus, our ability to deliver materials much faster, our ability to anticipate because all the data that is available. In the highly competitive Retail Consumer Electronics Industry, Al Batha Group focuses on customer service to differentiate their stores. Using a point-of-sale system to help increase efficiency, they were able to cut costs and focus on becoming the category leader in the Middle East and United Arab Emirates. [Al Batha] Well SAP helps us right at the customer’s interaction point. Within five sections you can actually have a slip and the customer gets great service in the shortest possible of time. [VO] To remain competitive, you need smart solutions to help you… Collaborate with your network, decide better with accurate data, adapt to constant change, and operate more efficiently. Consider what SAP can do for your organization.
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