SAP Cloud for Sales Demo – Sales Automation: Product Demo

Watch how SAP Cloud for Sales can streamline the sales process and provide a complete view of your customers. You can quickly access, create, and update key sales information, such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, activities, and competitors.

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    • SAP Sales OnDemand sales automation. With SAP Sales OnDemand, you have all the sales tools you need in one place to help you sell better. From accounts and opportunities to competitors and products, SAP Sales OnDemand streamlines the sales process and provides a complete view of your customers. You can manage your accounts and collaborate with your extended team in a way that was designed just for sales reps like you. I’m Mike Summers, a salesperson. Let me show you how I use SAP Sales OnDemand to quickly access and update my account information. First, you can see that I have all the key information I need about my accounts in one place, information such as accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. Information on competitors, products, activities, sales analyses, and other people I work with is all right here also. To view the list of accounts, I go to the accounts list. Here I have the option to view accounts in a table view or thumbnail view. Hovering over the account name will show me a quick view of the account’s key information such as year-to-date revenue and active pipeline. Clicking on the account’s name takes me to the account detail screen, where I get a complete view of my account. Key account information, the latest updates, my account team and, sales performance metrics are all right here. I can also view more-detailed information, including updates, activities, account team, addresses, contacts, leads, opportunities, attachments, and sales documents. I am now going to update one of my opportunities. By hovering over the opportunity, I get a quick view of key information. In one step I update the sales stage and save. Next, I’ll add Phil Hughes, a regional sales rep for FutureVision, to the account team. Phil is supporting me on several FutureVision opportunities, and I want to ensure we are working together closely on this account. Next, I need to create a new opportunity for FutureVision’s Cupertino location. I can create a new opportunity from anywhere in the application by using the Opportunity Quick Create option in the left-pane tool palette. Here you can see that account updates, such as the new opportunity I just created, are automatically posted to the Feed so that my team is always up-to-date on the latest account activity. From the update in the Feed I can also click on the opportunity name, Q1 – Green Products, and immediately drill down on the opportunity. Since I know the products the Cupertino location is interested in, I will quickly add them to the opportunity. I also know that our competitor Woodbridge is involved in this deal, so I’ll add them so that others on the team will be aware. Next, I want to share with my team a great presentation that we can use to communicate the competitive differentiation of our products versus Woodbridge’s. So I will attach that now. On the Feed page, all the updates I have made are displayed in the Feed for my team to see. Looking at all the activities completed, you can see that I got a lot done in just a few short minutes. With SAP Sales OnDemand, I have all the tools I need in one place to help me sell better. From accounts and opportunities to competitors and products, SAP Sales OnDemand streamlines the sales process and provides a complete view of my customers. I can work more efficiently with my team and spend more time closing deals.
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